Xiaomi Mi 5 Launching On Feb 24!


It’s been 1.5 years that Mi had launched its flagship device, Mi 4. However, the company has finally confirmed that the Xiaomi Mi 5 will launch on February 24. Earlier there were rumors that the new flagship device would be launched sometime next month however, there is an official confirmation now!

Mi 5Mi Co founder and Senior VP Wanqiang Li, revealed via his official Weibo page that the company’s Spring Conference was going to be held on Feb 24 also hinting the launch of much awaited Mi5.


Also,going by the speculations there may be another device getting launched along with Mi5 that day. However there is no information or even a rumour as to what device may get launched.

We don’t know what could be the other announcements on Feb 24. However fans will finally be relieved to hear a date for the Mi 5 launch event. Mr. Li also added that more details will be shared on Tuesday, i.e. January 26.

Pretty sure that we will soon get an official information about this.


Update : 26th Jan

Xiaomi’s Hugo Barra just put an end to the rumors. Mi 5 is indeed coming on February 24th, He shared a post on Facebook.

Mi 5 is almost here! It's Xiaomi’s first product launch in 2016, happening on February 24. What do you imagine when you think of Mi 5?

Posted by Hugo Barra on Tuesday, January 26, 2016



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