Xiaomi showcases 200W Hyper Charge tech for smartphones

    Fast charging tech is improving at a quick rate. Xiaomi has achieved a milestone with its ‘Hyper Charge’ system that can juice up smartphone batteries at a rate of 200W when wired, and 120W in case of wireless. The Chinese manufacturer showcased this capability via a timelapse video.

    The video shows a clock and a power meter on either side of a custom-built Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro with a 4,000mAh battery. To put things in perspective, the production variant of the Mi 11 Pro runs a 5,000mAh battery and comes with a 67W charger.

    What is interesting to note is that the power used for charging slowly increases over time in the initial stages of the test. The maximum capacity of 200W is achieved after 85 seconds only when the phone is already 22 per cent charged. Once the charge reaches 50 per cent, the power starts to reduce again. To me, this looks like that the engineers at Xiaomi had the battery’s cell life somewhere at the back of their minds while they were blasting it with a higher number.

    While this is excellent news in terms of the technology that it promises, one must remember that this is a laboratory test. The brand can make records and claim glory, but it is highly unlikely to witness it on an upcoming smartphone that ships out in the hands of customers.

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