Xiaomi 5X To Launch On July 26 Under Lanmi Sub-Brand

Xiaomi has been mainly operating in online market while OPPO and VIVO have been the leaders in the offline segment. Xiaomi plans to change this and hence is launching a new sub-brand called Lanmi. Xiaomi has been selling its premium phones under the Mi brand and budget devices under the Redmi brand.

In lof of countries like China, India, Brazil, Philippines etc. a majority of the phones are sold offline. Both OPPO and VIVO have a good penetration in the segment. Hence Xiaomi is looking to get the share of this profitable segment.

Xiaomi is also said to be ready with the launch of its first device under the Lanmi brand. The new phone will be called Xiaomi 5X and will be revealed on 26th July.

While the device, Xiaomi 5X, has been making its presence felt through leaks and rumours, since some time, we now have a full visual of the rear side of the phone along with the specs. The rumours and leaks suggest that the Xiaomi 5X will come with a dual camera setup on the back featuring a Sony IMX386 sensor and a Samsung S5k3m3 sensor. The arrangement of camera, led flash, and antenna lines make it look quite similar to the recently launched OPPO R11 or OnePlus 5.

Image Credites : mydrivers.com


Another leack, a promotional poster, reveals a lot about the phone. If the poster is authentic, then we have all the information about the Xiaomi 5x right from the configurations to price of Xiaomi Lanmi 5x.

 Xiaomi 5X Specifications