The new user of an Android phone may not know much about internal storage of his android device is full or not.

He or she may complain about slowness in opening a function;

Their phones may get slow while watching videos and unable to play audio files etc.


The latest Android phones pop-up to delete some files to make space, clear temporary files or delete unwanted files to increase the internal storage memory.

The below article is about how to create more space on the Android phone.

How to get more Space on Your Phone without Deleting Anything

To increase internal storage the latest Android or the advanced smartphone come with antivirus and auto temp cleaning and auto storage space features. It can automatically make the optimum use of available storage space.

How to Clear Internal Storage on Android

The most common phone data usage screen, which you may come across on an Android phone, will be with the below details.

  • Apps
  • Images/Photos
  • Videos
  • Audio
  • Other
  • Cached Data


The mobile Apps are a very important to download to function any web-enabled features. There may be hundreds of apps on your Android phone, and you may use only 5-10 mobile apps daily. The apps you download may be mostly free of cost, and you can delete them when your Android storage space is running out.

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The images or photos of nature, your friends, family members and any memorable events will be the most occupying part of storage space on your smartphone. There is an option to move your photos to any of free online photo storage sites and use them whenever you require them. This will be the simplest way to free your mobile storage space.

The video file occupies more storage space than any other files on your Android phone. It is advisable to delete those videos, which you are not going to look frequently. If you do not wish to delete your amazing videos that you capture them, you can save them to the desktop and delete them from your mobile phone. You can watch live streaming videos, where you need not require downloading any audio or video file to watch them on your smartphone.

The audio files are another important file that will be present to listen to your favourite music anytime. It is advisable to store them on your micro SD card as external storage and use them to provide more free space on your Android phone.

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There will be many other files that you may not use them. It may be a saved pdf file and any least important items. It is advisable to delete them to free your mobile storage space.

The cached data is most common when you use the internet on your Android phone. The internet cache may store as many a GB files, and you may not know until you select and see the cached data. You must delete them daily or weekly once when you are using the internet on your smartphone.

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