The new user of an Android phone may not know much about internal storage of his android device is full or not.

He or she may complain about slowness in opening a function;

Their phones may get slow while watching videos and unable to play audio files etc.


The latest Android phones pop-up to delete some files to make space, clear temporary files or delete unwanted files to increase the internal storage memory.

The below article is about how to create more space on the Android phone.

How to get more Space on Your Phone without Deleting Anything

To increase internal storage the latest Android or the advanced smartphone come with antivirus and auto temp cleaning and auto storage space features. It can automatically make the optimum use of available storage space.

How to Clear Internal Storage on Android

The most common phone data usage screen, which you may come across on an Android phone, will be with the below details.

  • Apps
  • Images/Photos
  • Videos
  • Audio
  • Other
  • Cached Data