Vivo V5 or Oppo F3

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It is said that the couples in any part of this world shall not entirely agree with each other. Ironically, here is a classic case of disagreement between Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone as they officially endorse the products of rival smartphone companies Vivo and Oppo, respectively.

Well, the beginning had to be Bollywood purely because of the impact it has on everyday life in India. And rightly picking from here is the aggressive campaigning by the Chinese smartphone manufacturers Vivo and Oppo in India. In less than a year, both the companies have dramatically captured the entire Android smartphone market in India, thanks to its strategic endorsements. While their products look fancy as well as promising, they are yet to gain the full confidence of Indian users.

The smartphones in consideration- Vivo V5 (review)and Oppo F3 have been recently launched in the mid-price range Android smartphone category. The following sections deal about a detailed comparison between Vivo V5 and Oppo F3 smartphones along with some general guidelines that could be considered before making a purchase.

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Who It’s For

Ideally, Vivo V5 or Oppo F3 should suit anyone who is looking for a mid-range premium Android smartphone. With some of the quality features packed in both the devices, there are several other peculiar traits that may be inclined to your liking. The following categories of people may consider buying it:

  • People looking for a superior camera and a true selfie expert in a smartphone.
  • One who gets satisfied with longer battery life.
  • Anyone who demands premium looks on their smartphone.

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Buyer’s Guide

Before a comparison between Vivo V5 and Oppo F3 is drawn out, let us look at the basic requirements that everyone should consider before making a new purchase or upgrading their smartphone.

Things To Consider Before Buying:

  1. Making a requirements list: Before buying or upgrade your smartphone, you should make a checklist on your basic requirements as well as analyze your usage pattern of the smartphone. A simple analysis of a number of hours of usage, types of tasks you would perform using a smartphone on daily basis, etc. should be considered.
  2. Check for the core features: Later, you must satisfy yourself with the core functionalities of the desired smartphone such as RAM and ROM capacity, Installed OS version, Screen size, Camera quality and most importantly the battery power. With the detailed product description as well as a comprehensive comparison between the two devices in consideration, you can make an informed choice before buying Vivo V5 or Oppo F3.
  3. Check for the best price: After analyzing your needs and the chosen smartphone’s core functionalities, target the avenue that offers you the best deal on the same. While both the phones are widely available for purchase, you can buy Vivo V5 best from Shopclues where you can buy at 15999/- after applying tata cliq coupons. For Oppo f3 you buy it at Rs.19999/- from Amazon India where you can get 30 days of return and replacement policy.

vivo v5 and oppo f3 cpomparision

Comparing Vivo V5 vs Oppo F3

By the looks of both the devices, one cannot simply differentiate between them. Both the devices have performed above average in display, design, overall performance ratings. Subsequently, both have emerged as top leaders in terms of camera quality and corresponding battery life. Vivo V5 and Oppo F3 are 4-G enabled smartphones that are powered by 1.5GHz octa-core processor with 4GB RAM running on different versions of Android 6.0.1 and Android 6.0 respectively. While the differences between the two devices are not that extensive, one must definitely look into it before making the final choice.

Product Information

vivo v5 and oppo f3 cpomparision

Starking Difference Between Vivo V5 vs Oppo F3

  • The display ratings and display performance of Oppo F3 is better than Vivo V5
  • While both the phones are undisputedly the “selfie kings”, Vivo V5 has a slight advantage over Oppo F3.
  • On the value for money parameter, Oppo F3 scores a little extra than Vivo V5.

Pros & Cons of Vivo V5 and Oppo F3

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  • Incredible camera quality.
  • Premium looks with a metallic finish.
  • Long lasting battery.
  • Faster connectivity with Bluetooth v4.0 and full Wi-Fi support.
  • 4G-VoLTE enabled smartphone

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  • Lacks special features like Fingerprint scanner, NFC.
  • Lacks the latest Android 7.1.1 Nougat experience.
  • Additional Sensors like Temperature and Barometer are absent

Vivo V5, as well as Oppo F3, can be regarded as a guaranteed quality Android smartphone in the mid-price range category. Though both the smartphones may have their own limitations, it is up to the buyers to act in accordance with the above-informed knowledge and their own self-constraints.

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