There is no denying that a lot of innovation is happening on the design front of smartphones. Earlier we used to be awed by the artistic renders of concepts phones and often wondered how would it feel like holding these phones, this all has become reality now. The original groundbreaking bezel-less phone was the Sharp Aquos Crystal however that remained very exclusive and limited device.

All of a sudden we had a few innovative Bezel-Less phones that came in at the fag end of the year and the quest for a futuristic phone, rekindled. We heard the rumors about Sharp Corner R, Then came Mi Mix which had taken the tech fraternity by surprise and yesterday, Honor announced the Honor Magic. Though Sharp corner R was never officially unveiled but is indeed drop dead gorgeous phone like the other two.

The problem with these devices was that either they were concept phones or they are not supposed to be retailed outside China. However, we have some good news here, a few brands are trying to bring bezel-less phones in mainstream and in 2107 we may see some of them getting launched. Let us have a look at the upcoming bezel-less phones in 2017