TCL to Produce & Sell Blackberry Phones Globally

blackberry _TCL_partnership

Chinese smartphone maker TCL will soon be producing and selling Blackberry Smartphones globally as per the recently signed agreement. This agreement allows TCL to use the Blackberry brand name for products and sales of smartphones globally.

Blackberry had announced that it would stop designing and building smartphones, in September. It was said then that the Canadian company will rely on hardware partner for making and selling Blackberry branded phones.

blackberry _TCL_partnership

TCL, that also owns Alcatel brand, is the same company that was responsible for making DTEK50 andDTEK60 smartphones.

This exclusive deal entitles TCL to sell Blackberry phones except Indonesia, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal. In Indonesia, Blackberry has a has an existing licensing deal with a local company BB Merah Putih to produce and sell and BlackBerry phones locally. Incidentally, these are some of BlackBerry’s biggest handset markets. The company will be providing additional information on the product roadmap and availability of devices will be available in coming months.

CEO John Chen said “The company plans to end all internal hardware development and will outsource that function to partners. This allows us to reduce capital requirements and enhance return on invested capital.”

Priv was the last device made inhouse by Blackberry and since then the company had been working with TCL communications, the fourth largest handset manufacturer in North America and top-10 globally according to IDC.

Although, at this stage Blackberry’s involvement in design and development is still unclear. This agreement is a good sign, as at least the brand that everybody is emotionally connected to, will survive.


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