Sennheiser IE 900 flagship earphones are insanely expensive

    German brand Sennheiser has announced its four-figure priced flagship earphones, the Sennheiser IE 900. It is aimed at audiophiles on the move who are likely to shun away from the true wireless craze that is gripping music lovers worldwide for quite some time now.

    Sennheiser IE 900 features

    The outer housing of the earphones, milled from a single aluminium block, is made by a specialist team sitting in Wedemark, Germany. The ear hooks are adjustable. Silicone and foam tips are available in three sizes.


    It is based on single-driver architecture (7mm XR3 transducer) and avoids multi-driver issues including unwanted distortion and phase incoherence. IE 900 also hosts a triple-chamber absorber system by deploying three Helmholtz chambers along with a downstream acoustic vortex. This is used to counter the masking effect wherein a human ear cannot hear high-frequency sounds at low volume if low-frequency audio is being delivered at the same time.

    A newly developed membrane foil is used to provide inner dampening. To ensure quality and performance, the engineers are said to have paired each set of left and right buds manually. The earphones claim a total harmonic distortion of 0.05% at 94dB, 1kHz, and a wide frequency response of 5Hz to 48kHz, 123dB sound pressure level, and an impedance of 16ohms.


    Quoting Jermo Köhnke, Product Manager at Sennheiser,

    “No detail is too small when you’re striving to set a new benchmark in portable audio fidelity. We designed every component of the IE 900 to work together to deliver extraordinary audio performance. Whether in long listening sessions at home or on the go, listeners will never have to compromise on their music experience.”

    Pricing and availability

    The Sennheiser IE 900 earphones are priced at $1,299.95 (₹95,400 approx.). They are already available for pre-order and will be shipped next month.

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