Samsung W2019 is the most expensive flip phone ever


The Chinese wing of Samsung seems to be on a mission to revive the flip phone market. Keeping that in mind, the South Korean manufacturer has launched their newest model in the W series. It is named W2019, which makes it safe to assume that there will not be another model in the coming year (or they may release W2020, or just W20?).

The smartphone (yes, it can be called one) packs high-end specifications, which may (or may not, that’s debatable) justify its high price tag.

Samsung W2019 boasts of the classic clamshell design. The 4.2-inch Full HD screen on the front can be flipped over to reveal another display of the same size (duh!) and a physical number keypad (just like the old days).

Samsung W2019 comes with high-end specifications

The primary camera is a dual lens setup – 12 MP f/1.5 and 12 MP f/2.4. It comes with a dedicated flash and supports auto focus and Optical Image Stabilization. 4K videos can be shot at 60 frames-per-second, and slow-motion recording is also supported at the rate of 960 frames-per-second. The selfie camera is an 8 MP lens with f/2.0 aperture size.

Powered by Snapdragon 845 chipset, the Samsung W2019 runs on 6 GB RAM and comes in two storage variants – 128 or 256 gigs. A 3,070 mAh battery provides the juice. USB-C is adopted, which is a welcome move. The headphone jack has been dropped. The phone can be secured via fingerprint or iris scan, but there is (technically) no face unlock support.

Unfazed by the trend, the phone comes with heavy bezels. At 132.9 x 63.4 mm, it is handier that other modern-day devices, but much thicker in comparison (17.3 mm when the flap is closed).

Priced at CNY18,999 (around 2 lakh INR) in China, the device is also available in their home country. Availability for the rest of the world remains unknown, but at such a hefty price, less is left to wonder if anyone will jump the gun to own one.