Samsung Galaxy Note 10 may have the selfie camera built in the S Pen

Look ma, no notch


If the latest patent granted to Samsung hints at anything, it is that the next smartphone under the famous Note series, likely to be named the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, will have a camera built in the S Pen itself. This will be an upgrade to the Note 9’s stylus’s camera-related functionality which currently acts as a Bluetooth enabled shutter to click photos from a distance.

The patent in discussion is recently granted to the Korean giant by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). It was originally filed two years ago though, in February 2017, thus giving ample amount of time to the manufacturer to implement and test the technology for deployment. Taking this information into account, Galaxy Note 10, which will be released in the next half of this calendar year, is the most likely candidate to feature the technology.

The Patent

The patent involves an “electric pen device” (the S Pen), with an “optical system including a lens and an image sensor” (the camera module), and a “controller” to control the aforesaid optical system (the shutter button). The diagrammatic listing explains the patent in detail.

A perfect bezel-less Note 10 in the works?

Various attempts to make a perfect bezel-less device have resulted in all kind of cut outs on the display of the smartphones designed in the past year and a half. Be it the oddly-shaped notch, or the pin-hole style cut out, or resorting to movable camera pop outs, the industry has witnessed a plethora of inventive designs to tackle the problem. This patent takes the pop out camera a step ahead, with the selfie lens actually placed directly in the S Pen, thus eliminating the need of those ugly notches and cut outs. That is the future I am looking forward to.


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