How many times have we come across situations where our all important data, images, and invaluable memories are lost due to some issue or the other with our hard drives.A lot of times.” I’m sure that’s what you’re thinking as well

It has happened to me at least more than a couple of times. I’m sure that’s what you’re thinking as well. I tried my level best, however, couldn’t recover any of the lost images and on one instance I had lost almost all the important project files which were to be submitted.

Project files, however, were re-created but the lost images could never be recovered.

Anyone who’s using a computer, no matter if the OS is Windows, Linux or Mac, you need to be aware how to recover your lost data as you do not know when and how you may need the information.

No many people know that when you delete files from your computer, they still remain on the hard drive until they get overwritten and anyone can easily recover these files using data recovery software.

Of course there are people who can use a data imaging or backup software to ensure that there is no data loss, however, you’d need extra storage on separate drives. Extra drives would mean extra care and cost.

So we deliberately “lost” some data, so that you do not have to worry about losing, and tried to recover lost data using different data recovery software. Each of them had their own highlight features and seemed efficient in recovering the data, however, one specific software we would love to talk about is EaseUs Data Recovery Software.