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When it comes to gaming consoles, Sony’s Playstation 4 and Playstion 4 Pro consoles have had an edge over the Microsoft Xbox One and One S. One praticular reason is that Sony’s machines have been able to churn out better performance and higher resolution. Hence Microsoft is coming up with “the most powerful game console to date when it launches this holiday season.” knows as Project Scorpio or Xbox Scorpio.

What is the Project Scorpio or Xbox Scorpio ?

Project Scorpio is Microsofts ambitious gaming console. Microsoft is aiming set a new benchmark for console performance with this 4K Gaming console. As per trade pundits on TechCrunch, Project scorpio will be a Windows 10 gaming PC built specifically for the living room, converging PC and console gaming with today’s grander media landscape.

Project Scorpio Specifications

The Project scorpio is able to run games at extremely highframe rates – 6 TeraFlops (mind you a single teraflop can make a trillion calculations or ‘floating point operations’ per second) and the Project Scorpio comes with 40 customized Radeon compute units at 1171 MHz  compared to Xbox One’s 12and PS4 Pro has 36 in all.

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The Scorpio console will be equipped with eight core CPU clocked at 2.3 GHz, a high capacity GPU(capable of 6 TeraFlops), 12GB DDR5 RAM wioth 326 GB/s bandwidth.  It is supposed to run 43% faster than PS4 Pro and 4.5 times faster then Microsfts own X-box One. The best part is that the new console will still work with Xbox One games and accessories. So you need not buy new set of accessories and games. However it is yet to be seen what Microsoft has in store for consumers who do not yet  have a 4K TV or a Monitor.

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project scorpio specification - xbox scorpio specifications

Project Scorpio Launch

Microsoft’s Project Scorpio is being revealed at E3 (one of the world’s biggest gaming and technology conferences) press conference today i.e 11th june at 2pm PT/5pm ET where the world will get Project Scorpio’s first glimpse. In case you want to check out the launch head on to the Project Scorpio live stream.

Project Scorpio Price

As per Xbox boss Geoff Keighley, the Microsofts new gaming console wil be priced at $449 when it launches later this year. The price may be a deal breaker for some, however, lets stay tuned for the official update from Microsft on this.

So while the Project Scorpio or Xbox scorpio, whatever Microsoft plans to call it, will have much more powerful graphics hardware than we’re used to in modern consoles and other super expensive GPU’s, it is still no way an affordable gaming console. Stay tuned while we bring more on this.

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