phones with 6 GB RAM

No wonder when we hear about a device with 6 GB RAM, most of us think it must  be a laptop, however, phones with 6 GB RAM are here and they definitely do not look like a geeky device. In fact, all the 3 devices that are available in the market right now are really beautiful and powerful devices.  Le Max 2 and OnePlus 3 are already launched in India and Asus ZenFone Deluxe is expected to launch here by July. Let us have a loot and do a quick comparison between the three devices.

Le Max 2LeMax 2 : First one of the list to be announced from the list and to be launched in India is Le Max 2. It is an upgrade to the previous flagship of LeEco Le Max. It comes with a top of the line snapdragon 820 processor, 5.7″ 2K display along with a 21MP and 8MP camera combo.