OnePlus 3 doesn’t use all 6GB of RAM

OnePlus 3

6 GB RAM is the highlight of OnePlus 3 and it has been an instant hit as soon as it was launched. However, a lot of user’s who have received their phones were surprised to see the phone stutter like any other normal Android device would do. So, everyone’s left wondering what is the use of the truckload of RAM when the phone still stutters.

Few users have reported that OnePlus 3 at times have been found lagging with just a few applications running at the same time, making multi-tasking a pain.

OnePlus 3 6 GB RAM

OnePlus has limited the usage of RAM in the device in favour of better battery life and user experience hence, even if OnePlus 3, on papers has 6 GB RAM the phone is actually not utilising it to the fullest. As per CEO Carl Pei, throttling the RAM usage gives better battery life on OnePlus 3.

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To let users utilise the phone to its full capacity OnePlus has released Kernel sources. This, in turn, will enable third-party ROM developers to use all 6GB of RAM with their software if they choose to.

So if you’re not into flashing third-party ROMs then you may not feel a lot of difference between OnePlus 3 and any other flagship device. While OnePlus supports rooting of the devices and still covers the phone under warranty, flashing third-party roms is not a child’s play and eveybody may not be very keen tinkering with the official firmwares.

We all know that third-party ROMs are not always stable and may leave your device vulnerable to external sources. What do you think about this move from OnePlus ? Do let us know in the comments section below as we would love to know your thoughts on the same.