Nintendo has unveiled its much anticipated next gen gaming console called Nintendo Switch. It was earlier codenamed NX and is slated to be released by March 2017. The first looks were released by Ninetendo on twitter ealrier today.

Going by the first looks you can call Nintendo switch a “Transformer” of gaming consoles. The switch itself isnt anything like the boxier consoles that we’ve gotten used to seeing. It looks like a 7″ tablet with controls on both the sides, which makes it ultra portable.

You can flick open the kickstand, detach the controllers and use it as a portable gaming console. It has two type of controllers, A regular gaming controller and the new Joy-Con controller split into two pieces used to control the game. These two halves can be slotted onto the Switch or can be used wirelessly, when you’re out.

Once you reach home, you can dock the console into the The Switch Dock and the same console can be hooked up to your large screen display or a TV. You can use your traditional controller or even can use the Joy-Con wirelessly.

There is no detailed info about the Nintendo Switch technical specifications all we know is that it will feature a custom Tegra processor. There’s absolutely no information regarding pricing but the system, which will feature titles from nearly 50 game publishers, will go on sale in March 2017.

Are you excited about the Nintendo Switch? How likely are you to buy one? Are you happy sticking with your PS4 or Xbox One? How much would you pay for a Switch? What games are you hoping to see launch with the console? Please let us know in the comments below!