Must Have Apps for a new iPhone User

Must Have Apps for a new iPhone User

Apple and its ecosystem are quite different from the majority of Android, and that is not just with the OS and the features offered, but with the way apps work, and the availability of the apps on the Apple’s App Store. Sometimes, the app you had and loved on your Android smartphone, you wouldn’t find the same on iOS.

This particular list is for those who are new to the iOS arena and want to know which would be the best apps to have on their new iPhone. There might be a few common smartphone apps, but we don’t want you to miss out on the best ones, so suggesting them as well.

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This is a cross-platform app that helps share content from your phone to desktop for easier reading and management. It is available as extensions on browsers, and an app on your iPhone would help push notifications, links, messaging and such content to the larger screen.



Swiping and predictive text input typing has been a thing since long for Android users, but iOS was too limited wih it until recently when there was an open support for third-party keyboard apps. You should surely download Swiftkey on your iPhone.



This should be one of the favorites irrespective of the operating system on the smartphone. IF by IFTTT automates a lot of things and saves your time, without you having to do the same when it has to be done on a regular basis. For example, you could automatically upload pictures to Dropbox whenever photos are captured, or have the app send scores to you whenever there is a match of your favorite team going on.



Every OS maker has their own note-taking app pre-installed in the phone. Apple iOS has Notes just like Android has Google Keep. But the problem with these is that they don’t have cloud integration to work across different platforms. One such app that helps in proper note-taking and keeping things in sync across platforms is Evernote.


Google TranslateGoogle Translate

If you are a traveler, you might want this app more than anything else if you go to places where understanding the language is hard. Even if that is not common, you still should be having this app installed for several use cases, and thus, this app from Google is a must-have.


Google MapsGoogle maps

Another Google app, but this is recommended not just for what it does, but because Apple Maps is what you shouldn’t be using for its not-so-good navigation and mapping. You very well know how good Google Maps is, so you better be going with that as the default map application on iOS.


VSCO CameraVSCO Camera

A perfect alternative to the camera app on iPhone, the VSCO camera offers a lot of options, filters, and it even gives the users some editing. iPhone’s camera app doesn’t offer manual options, but VSCO is quite good at that, so for someone who doesn’t believe in spending a lot of time in post-processing, this app is a must-have.

Apart from the ones we listed, you can check out some media player and social apps, which we are sure about you installing them for sure since that is a daily need. Are you looking for any other alternative app for the ones you see on your new iPhone? we can help with some suggestions.


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