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Mike Messenger is not just a regular messenger available in the market today. It is the future of communication for the next generation, and is free for everyone. It is an intelligent and smart messenger with a technology; Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning. It is able to understand your communication with colleagues or friends and gives you instant options to put your thoughts from words to action.

Mike Team believes that we are stuck with messenger apps which haven’t evolved as rapidly as the needs of people today. We feel our messaging apps should be able to think and increase the productivity for us. The future is where text has context and is actionable. It wants to bring that future into peoples hands. MIKE Messenger uses state of the art features that let you quickly set appointments, make reservations, create tasks and contacts, call contacts, send contact information or an address and a lot more, without you needing to switch apps or perform a separate Google search or even open a calendar! Mike tries to understand what you want and have it there when you need it.

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While you are busy chatting with your friends, On the basis of conversations Mike will offer you meaningful and relevant suggestions that you can act on immediately. Eg. If you are communicating with your friend about a particular movie, Mike will instantly let you watch the trailer, view show timings and even let you book movie tickets in a heartbeat; without having to log into any other application to do so.

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Does this eat-up my phone space?
NO, Mike was designed keeping in mind the space constraints most users have on their phones today. Mike would act as an app for apps and take up only minimal space needed to function to the par of others. It is founded by Pranay Jain and Ravina Mutha. They have tied up with Zomato, Expedia, Google, Yelp, Bookmyshow etc.

Mike Messenger app will be released soon by March – Join Beta test list here Also do not forget to visit the Facebook page and follow Mike Robotics on Twitter.

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