Meitu launches its ‘Animate’ feature to woo Indian users

Meitu App india anitmate feature

Meitu has announced its latest Animate feature for its Indian users. The Chinese photo/video processing and social application use AI technology to add various effects to the images and videos. The new Animate feature adds a variety of filters like floral aura, vanishing heart, flying butterfly, flowing hair, petal burst, flame nebula, color filter overlays, or other motion filters as per the users’ choice.

Meitu App india anitmate feature

Reports indicate that Indian users spend several hours on selfie-editing apps each day, with as many as nearly 2 million people using animated effects for their photos. The company states that it has seen a 435% increase in daily active users (DAU) in India in June and claims that most active users are from the states of Maharashtra, Gujarat, Delhi, and Madhya Pradesh. In this way, the Animate feature speaks to India’s fascination with photo-editing tools that enhance users’ social media posts in exciting new ways.

“We believe in turning extraordinary into reality. Today’s users are always seeking new ways to retouch their photos, but are typically limited to basic filters and editing options. Our extensive research into consumer behavior and preferences show that users want more out of their photo editing experience. For this reason, we have created a feature that offers a broad range of opportunities for users to explore their creativity by turning their static photos into dynamic flowing worlds.” Chen JianYi, head of the Meitu App, said in a statement.

The Animate feature adds motion to regular photos, turning them into a visual delight. Inspired by some of the world’s most beloved tales of magic and fantasy, the Animate feature allows users to experience the feeling that they are the masters of their own dynamic universe, just like the wizards and witches of fantastical realms.

Meitu App india anitmate feature

Not only does the Animate feature create magical portraits instantly, but it may also be used on landscapes, objects, group photos, full-body portraits, and more. Advanced users have the option to use manual mode to explore their creativity with the freedom to edit their photos manually. In this way, users can adjust their photos as they see fit, to create stunning and personalized works of art.

Upcoming versions will allow users to apply unique effects to individuals within a group picture in Smart Mode. The Meitu App’s superior instance segmentation algorithm will also continue to improve the processing speed, robustness, precision of different kinds of images, announced the company.