Intel Compute Card : Credit Card Sized Computer


Pretty soon you can carry a full-blown computer in your wallet, thanks to Intel’s amazingly thin Compute Card, announced for the first time at CES 2017.

The Compute Card is so thin and small that at first glance you may mistake it for a credit card. It is insanely thin and small that you may probably end up losing one while taking out cash from your wallet.

The credit card sized computer comes with a 7th Generation Intel Kaby Lake processor, memory, storage along with wireless connectivity.

Due to its size, the Compute card is ideal for modular devices as it doesn’t have any connectivity port to power it up or to connect it to any display unit. It will help users to upgrade to a better processing power rather than upgrading entire unit. It is targetted for commercial devices like all-in-one devices, robots, drones and other smart devices like refrigerators, smart light bulbs, security cameras, and air conditioners.


Intel has not yet released the core specs of Compute card, however, you can expect high-end performance easily on this one and it won’t be sold directly to consumers and is only available for partners, an Intel spokesman said.

Intel says that the card uses a variant of the USB-C port called “USB-C plus extension” to connect with the systems it’s plugged into. That connector gives devices direct access to the USB and PCIe buses as well as HDMI and DisplayPort video outputs. The company considers the Compute Card to be a replacement of sorts for the Compute Stick, which Intel says will probably disappear from its roadmap in 2018 or so.

Intel will start shipping the Compute Card in the middle of this year and sees this a plug-in computer for smart devices that are about to hit homes and businesses.Intel is working with companies like HP, Dell, Lenovo etc to build a special slot in the devices to take advantage of this innovation.