Huawei MatePad tablets and Watch 3 smartwatches run on HarmonyOS 2

    After being locked out of using US-based Google’s Android on its smartphones and other devices, Chinese manufacture Huawei has launched its operating system, the HarmonyOS. It is dubbed HarmonyOS 2 since the first version has already appeared on smart home devices from the brand, and is now coming loaded on MatePad tablets and Watch 3 models.

    Huawei HarmonyOS 2

    Huawei has reportedly reused code from the open-source Android codebase to build their operating system. Consequently, both the software are visually eerily similar. The company disputes the claim.

    The OS features a dedicated app store (called the AppGallery) to replace the Play Store, but the app support is not great at the moment.

    Thanks to the widget support and the app dock at the bottom, HarmonyOS resembles Apple’s iPadOS on MatePad tablets.

    Huawei MatePad tablets

    There are three variants for the new Huawei Matepad tablets, and each comes with a different chipset.

    Huawei MatePad Pro; Huawei

    The 10.95-inch MatePad runs Qualcomm Snapdragon 865. It features an LCD screen with a 120Hz refresh rate.

    The 10.8-inch MatePad Pro features Snapdragon 870. It also comes with an LCD and a 120Hz rate.

    The 12.6-inch MatePad Pro comes with the in-house Kirin 9000E processor. It uses superior OLED technology for display with a refresh rate of 60Hz.

    The display resolution of 2560×1440 pixels is the same on all the variants. So is the support for smart keyboard and stylus accessories. Wireless charging is also supported across all the models, and they run the new HarmonyOS 2.

    Huawei Watch 3 smartwatches

    A couple of smartwatches running HarmonyOS 2 have also been announced.

    Huawei Watch 3 smartwatches; Huawei

    Huawei Watch 3 is expected to run for three days on a single charge. It is made from stainless steel.

    Huawei Watch 3 Pro is made up of titanium. The company claims a battery life of seven days per charge.

    Both the models come with a 1.43-inch round screen. They are loaded with the usual health and fitness tracking features, along with hundred workout modes, and heart rate, sleep and SpO2 tracking. The backplate is ceramic, and thus wireless charging is supported.

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