How to easily add/remove Widgets in Apple iOS 10

How to add/remove widgets in iOS 10

In the latest version i.e. iOS 10, Apple has introduced a new feature which a lot of iOS fans and users had been asking for, Widgets on Homescreen. Apple Not only introduced Widgets on the home screen but the tech giant also introduced widgets on lock screen. iOS devices had been missing this important feature as widgets are app shortcuts that provide updated and latest information relevant to the app. add/remove widgets in iOS 10

What are Widget in iPhone/iPad

These are shortcuts which help you to quickly check notification/updates on match scores, emails, weather, news, events, stocks, notes etc.  You can event watch videos or control music within the widget without opening the main application.

How do I add a widget to lock screen or home screen

Let us help you with a very simple way to add widgets in iOS

  1. Swipe to the right on lock screen/Home screen to access the widgets.
  2. You’ll find “Edit” button when you swipe down to the bottom. Tap on it
  3. All the widgets that you can add to your home screen/lock screen can be found here
  4. Select the widgets you want to add by Tapping on the green “+” icon next to the widgets
  5. Hit “Done” on the top right to exit the list
  6. In case you want to remove the widgets you just added, on the widgets page, swipe down to the bottom and hit  “edit” button. Just click the red “-“ icon next the widget and tap on “Done” to exit the list.

Pretty simple way to add widgets on iOS 10. isn’t it 🙂