No matter what is the operating system on your smart phone, a low battery will remain a constant headache. Android users can still rejoice that brands have started embedded fast charging technology across segments. However, despite the improved tech and a larger battery life, Apple customers are still wondering “How to charge iPhone faster ?”

In case you’re about to get into a meeting or planning to step out of your home, low battery on the phone is really frustrating. Thankfully we do have power banks as saviors in such a case of emergency.

Another reason for frustration is slow charging speed of the phone. At times we feel the phone is taking a tad bit longer time to charge up fully. This can be really irritating as you would be forced to wait longer to be able to use the phone. Hence, we’ve compiled a few hacks in this article that not only will help you increase iPhone’s battery life but also answer the below question :

How to charge iPhone faster ?

Use a Wall charger

If you’re used to charging your iPhone using your laptop, it will take more time to juice up.  A computer USB port is limited to 500 milliamperes (or 900 mA for a USB 3.0 port) a dedicated wall charger, however, is usually able to offer 1000 mA or more. More Amp means more power. Which means the phone will juice up faster.

Lower the brightness level

Go to Settings>Display & brightness and switch Auto-Brightness on this helps your phone gets adjusted to indoor/outdoor light automatically. Do remember to lower the base level brightness in Auto-brightness mode. Lower the brightness level, lesser the battery consumption

Close Battery hogging apps

If you turn off the unwanted services like location services, push alerts, downloads or background audio/video streaming apps and WiFi, GPS and Bluetooth the workload on your iPhones’ processor . Lesser the load, lesser the battery drain. It is a general hack and is helpful otherwise as well.

Alternate charging option

Spending a few bucks extra for a more powerful wall charger can also help.  A few are listed here and will not cost mote than $15 to get a slightly more powerful wall adapter that can charge iPhone faster. If you have an iPad already, you can use the powerful charger that comes with iPad to charge your phones.

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Remove the case

Everyone like a fancy case to make the iPhone not only look sexier but also to protect it. However, external cases and covers trap the heat which is generated from the battery. The battery wears off faster if it is constantly under higher temperatu