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Do you love trying out latest applications from the App store or do you love to boast about the features of an app that your friends aren’t aware of ? If Yes, then keep reading below to get a super cool way to do just that. Android Play Store now offers a super cool option called Beta Testing that can allow you to try out unreleased versions of most of your favorite apps long before they’re officially made available for general public.

Early Access Apps

What a Beta Testing Programme ?

Beta is a stage of Software Development Life Cycle. It’s a stage wherein a software is ready but unpolished. It may have known/unknown bugs that the app developer wants to iron out before making the app live for public to download.

Beta is a stage is where bugs are identified and fixed, features are improved or revamped for maximum usability, the interface and graphics may receive an overhaul, and performance issues, if identified are optimized!

So basically, every time popular apps like Snapchat, WhatsApp or Instagram etc plan to add a new feature, it goes through a Beta testing and by being a part of the Beta testing team you can get to experience these new features much before any of your friends does.

Beta Apps on Play Store

How Do I find an app with a Beta testing programme ?

To become a Beta tester of an app all you need to do is to follow the below steps .

Log into the Play Store> Navigate to the app of your want to become a Beta Tester of > Scroll down to find an option called Become a beta tester. Note that you’ll only see the “Become a beta tester” option if there’s beta program available for that app.

How to become a Beta tester

Hit the button that says “I’m In“. You’d be prompted with the known bugs, just hit “Join” and you’re in. Once you’re enrolled as a Beta Tester, you’ll be able to download the Beta version of the App. Alternatively, you can also find all the apps you’re enrolled in the Beta Programme under the Beta Tab in an do this under the Installed tab in My apps & games within the play store.

Leave Beta testing programme


You can also leave the beta programme in case you want to. All you need to do is hit Leave button under the app installation screen. You will be unenrolled from the program instantly, although you can keep the beta version you have installed.

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It’s a good idea to follow XDA-Developers forum too as a lot of Developers share their Beta Apps directly there as well. You may find some Beta apps through Google Groups too, so it is a good idea to keep a check there too.  Screenshot_20160810-153024

I’ve become a Beta Tester. What now ?

Great now that you’ve become a beta tester of your favourite app, the developer expects you to use the beta app, and try out the latest features. You would not be able to rate the app on the play store anymore, instead, you would find an option to give feedback about the planned updates.

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Apps running Beta Programme

Now that you know the entire process, let us give you a head start. Here is a list of Best Android Betas to test right now :

Do let us know which Beta programmes you’ve joined and the new features coming in there using the comment section below.



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