WhatsApp, almost a month back announced that it is finally going to allow users to communicate with businesses directly and vice-versa. This move, however, does not mean that we will see tonnes of ads but it just offers a formal way for of business communications.

As of now, Businesses already use WhatsApp to reach out to their existing and potential customers. However, with business accounts, WhatsApp will also introduce a verified profilewhatsapp business, wwhatsapp verfied profile which will ensure that users are communicating with an authentic profile.

How to Apply For WhatsApp Business Account?

No matter if you’re running a small or a large business, WhatsApp web will be really helpful in communicating with your users. Getting a WhatsApp Business account will ensure that your personal and Business identities remain separate.

If you want to apply for WhatsApp Business account you just need to follow the below steps:

  1. Sign up here
  2. Wait for an invitation

Remember, this is still in beta phase. So, you need to wait for an invitation from WhatsApp and once you’re invited you can set up your “WhatsApp Business profile”. Even though the Whatsapp Business apk is available, downloading it will not help since it is not open to all yet.

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How to Manage your Personal and WhatsApp Business Accounts?

You can keep your personal and business profiles separate since the WhatsApp Business will be a standalone application and can be downloaded from playstore.

whatsapp business, wwhatsapp verfied profile,How to Manage your Personal and WhatsApp Business Accounts

The best part is that you can even use a landline number to signup for WhatsApp Business profile.

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Features of WhatsApp Business Profile

Creating A Business Profile: Once you’ve opened WhatsApp Business and set up your account, you’ll be able to build your business profile. You should try using some of the new features, such as: adding a picture, address, description, website and more! To setup, your business profile, tap the button with 3 dots on the upper right from the inbox, choose Settings, select Business settings, and finally: Profile.

Chat Migration: After your profile is set up, migrate all your valued messages and chat history from your previous WhatsApp account. You will see the option to migrate your chats during registration if you are converting an existing account into a new WhatsApp Business account. Remember to delete your old WhatsApp app if you have it registered with the same phone number as your new Business account as that will cause a reversion back to your old account should you reopen the old app.

Auto Responses: It’s likely you will get business inquiries outside of business hours; with WhatsApp Business, you can create a customized away message when you can’t answer customer inquiries. Your away message will be sent once when someone messages you in 1:1 chats until you turn it off. In groups, it will be sent once if someone @mentions you. Away messages can also be scheduled (i.e. send an away message from 5 pm to 9 am). To setup, your auto response, tap the button with 3 dots on the upper right from the inbox, choose Settings, select Business settings and finally: Away message.

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Analytics: Data is important to any business. See key data about your customer interactions with analytics like: Messages sent, Messages Delivered, Messages Read, Messages Received. To view your analytics, tap the button with 3 dots on the upper right from inbox, choose Settings, and finally: Statistics.

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