Gboard: Time saving keyboard for iPhones

gboard for iphone

A few days back Google announced a new Keyboard app for iPhones called Gboard. It directly integrates search functions right into your keyboard and lets you search as you type, without having to switch out of whatever app you’re currently using.

This new intutive keyboard app has a “G” button on top that lets you search for cup of coffee or a pizza, just tap it, and you can search, find what you’re looking for, and automatically paste it into a text or an email. You can also look for emojis and GIFs to insert in your message.

You can perform web searches, look for images or GIFs, or even search for emoji without ever leaving the keyboard. Gboard brings the best of Google within one app like Google Now and it also has athat let you draw out words on a keyboard, Gboard has Glide Typing, which works the same way Swype works on Android.

Gboard is  indeed the best keyboard for iPhone and now available on the iTunes App store.


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