Essential Files Patents For Under Display Camera, Wants To Remove The Notch

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Long before Apple came up with their phone with a notch, Essential had launched their phone with a notch and that too a pretty neat one. So in a sense, Essential pioneered the notch revolution with so many brands are blindly following and calling their phones inspired by iPhone X. The company is now working a smartphone that will not have a notch and may still feature a front-facing camera at the top.

Essential, even though is backed by Andy Rubin, may not have tasted instant success like OnePlus and has been a slow starter. Its first phone, despite being a beautiful and a powerful one, didn’t sell much. However, this upcoming phone that Essential is working on, may give them a new lease on life.

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The company is trying to remove the camera from the front top of the display and wants to put it behind the display and in turn removing the notch altogether. Android Creator Andy Rubin’s company has filed a few patents off late and one of them is regarding “integrating a camera into the display”.

The leaked patent documents state that Essential is working on a phone that will have multiple layers of display and has a “transparent space that allows outside light to reach in and record an image“. The second image shows a camera located at the regular place where you have the notch. Yet another image states that the camera is located behind the color layer of display and “records the light from the outside colored by the color filter layer.”

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These are just a few of the patents that Essential has filed. The company already has a patent that describes a camera popping out of-of the top of the mobile device. Quite like the Vivo Apex that was showcased in MWC 2018.

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The current patents say“The integrated camera serves two purposes: to record pictures and to act as a camera icon, that when selected activates the camera. By removing the camera from the front side of the mobile device, or by integrating the camera into the display screen of the mobile device, the size of the mobile device display screen can be increased.

While the patents seem to be exciting, there is no guarantee that we will ever see such a phone or quite like the Vivo Apex, we may see some other companies come up with such a device. However, it’s still a welcome news since there are a lot of brands that are following the iPhone X notch bandwagon and it’s frustrating.