If you’re the one who is very active on social media sites like on Facebook and are an active member of a lot of groups or pages than I’m sure you must be getting tonnes of notifications on a daily basis. These notifications can be irritating at times especially in a case when the posts goes viral or gets a log of comments and reactions. There is now a simple  way to turn off the notifications and you would not get any more updates.


However, what would you do if you want to follow an important post and get updates on any following comment, without anyone esle knowing it ? One way to get such updates it comment on the post by writing “following” or a “.” in the comments of a Facebook post. But then everyone knows that you’re in there too.

So let me tell you “How to Get Notifications for Any Facebook Post Without Commenting On It“.

There are two reason that you may want to follow the below process:

  • You can follow the post without anyone else knowing about it
  • No unecessary alerts to people who’re already following it or have commented on the post

So, insted of commenting placeholder gibberish on