Simple Tips To Charge iPhone Faster

No matter what is the operating system on your smart phone, a low battery will remain a constant headache. Android users can still rejoice that brands have started embedded fast charging...

Best Honor 8 Pro Back Cases

Honor 8 Pro is one of the best value for money Android smartphone available at the moment. It was launched in India at Rs. 29,999 and a recent price deduction of...

WhatsApp Tricks: The Best 7 Hacks You Need To Know

WhatsApp has got the largest active user database when considering instant messaging clients for smartphones (be it Android or iOS). With the recent addition of end-to-end encryption, many users have switched...

Ways to Free Up Storage Space on Your Android Device

The new user of an Android phone may not know much about internal storage of his android device is full or not. He or she may complain about slowness in opening a...

Best RGB Mechanical Keyboards

RGB keyboards stand out of the ordinary in lighting your gaming life. Keyboard backlighting is recognized to be an amazing feature in the last few years. With more features, it is...

The Best Screen Protector for iPhone 7 And 7 Plus

We love our smartphone no matter what brand they are, however, if its a flagship device like an iPhone 7 or an iPhone 7 Plus we got to be extra sensitive...

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