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App To Help Tackle Social Media Addiction

Till some time back a Corporate employee who kept checking their emails was a normal sight. These days, however, you can easily spot people peeping into their phones just to check...

Cheetah Mobile launches Live.me in India

Cheetah Mobile Inc., the leading mobile utility and content app developer, today rolled out Live.me, one of the fastest growing and highest-grossing live broadcasting platforms in the world. Live.me provides a...
Delete Instagram Account, how to delete instagram account on iphone

How To Delete Instagram Account

Do you find yourselves fed up of Instagram? Here's how to permanently delete Instagram account. Social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc are very addictive, isn't it? However, excessive use of...

WhatsApp Tricks: The Best 7 Hacks You Need To Know

WhatsApp has got the largest active user database when considering instant messaging clients for smartphones (be it Android or iOS). With the recent addition of end-to-end encryption, many users have switched...
download aptoide for pc

Aptoide Apk Download and Install For PC

Aptoide Apk - The technology market is really big. You can find a series of companies operating in the software market and offer mind blowing products to its users. If we talk...
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Stellar Data Recovery: A Power Packed Data Protection Tool

Have you ever been through a disastrous situation where you suddenly realize that you’ve lost your important data due to a corrupt hard disk or the data got erroneously deleted? Well,...

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