Apple iPhone 7 is a premium phone and no would like to damage such a beautiful and costly phone. We need to ensure that such a premium device should be well protected. We need to get one of the best screen protectors for the phone as well as we must ensure that we get the best rugged iPhone 7 cases so that the phone does not get damaged during any outings or casual drops.

We’ve listed 10 best rugged iPhone 7 cases that are the toughest of the lot and not only protect your phone from more than fancy iPhone 7 cases and covers, but they offer drop protection, some of them are waterproof too providing ample protection to the phone.

Otterbox-Defender-Series-Case-for-iphone-7-plusOtterbox Defender Series Case for iPhone 7

Otterboxbox is one of the standard cases covers for iPhones and consider it as one of the standard companies that can give a solid protection to your costly iPhone. The rugged protection offered by this defender series of the case is unique in its own style. It contains a very attractive and durable silicone slipcover surrounded by a polycarbonate shell that makes the main skeleton of the case cover. The cover is best for not dominating the important buttons of the phone and makes it easier to handle your phone even with a case on it. With the record of 24 kinds of testing for a duration of 238 hours made the Otterbox Defender series a well balanced and eligible case for your phone.

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Tech21 Evo Elite Case for iPhone 7

Sometimes one of the toughest may also be on the side of costliest, like the rugged phone cases for the iPhone. Tech21 Evo Elite case offers the best-rugged protection to your device and can stand a drop test from the height of 6’6” which is a decent height enough to damage iPhone. This case has a pretty decent design that protects your iPhone from sudden falls and shocks.

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Ballistic Tough Jacket MAXX Case for iPhone 7

As the name suggests the nature and purpose of the case, “ballistic tough jacket” is an absolute protection for your iPhone which offers maximum protection for it. It comes with a multi-layered protection for the iPhone and can easily survive 7 feet drop on a solid concrete floor. Also, comes with a replaceable screen guard and the corners are elevated slightly to save the screen from cracking after any unexpected jolt or shock. It has also been provided with an 180 degree rotatable to withstand any tough condition.

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Lifeproof Frē Case for iPhone 7

As the name says again, Lifeproof is a complete proof for its tough nature to protect the phone in adverse situations. If you are looking for a completely waterproof case, then Lifeproof can fill the purpose. It is tested with IP-68 and can withstand even if the phone gets submerged. Due to its unique casing and built style, all the vital components of the phone are protected with this case.

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Body Glove ShockSuit Case for iPhone 7

Cheap, the simple and handy case that becomes an integral part of your phone. The case is specially designed to get tested with 810G military standard test. The case is mainly meant for extraordinary grip even if handled in tough situations and can survive frequent falls.

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