Best RGB Mechanical Keyboards


RGB keyboards stand out of the ordinary in lighting your gaming life. Keyboard backlighting is recognized to be an amazing feature in the last few years. With more features, it is improving continuously. The RGB lighting happens to be a color model which allows the combination of green, red and blue light in different ways for the production of a wide array of colors.

Keyboards that come with advanced RGB lightning let users customize light layouts for various uses. This is inclusive of software that allows users to have the capability of lighting up one key or all of them in a multitude of different colors. This feature is recognized to be well renowned among the gamers. As you are capable of lighting up specific keys which are used in high action games, it is possible to press them immediately without requiring to look and ensuring that you have pressed the right one.

Best RGB Mechanical Keyboards

Users are capable of saving and importing the backlight profiles for sharing with others. Budget RGB keyboards do not come with feature customization, however, include a wide number of preset lighting patterns. These patterns can differ from one click lighting mode for responding to typing speed lighting mode. These keyboards are recognized to be fine for users who want only a few backlight options. However, in case you are looking for abilities of customization of every key, you may require spending a little more. Prior to deciding on a specific RGB keyboard, you can be ensured to consider other features you want to have on your keyboard.

If you have a Mac then we have a dedicated list of Best Mechanical Keyboards for Mac and here is a list of the best RGB mechanical keyboards which ranges from affordable to high end.


Azio PRISM USB Keyboard with 7 Colorful Backlights

Azio PRISM USB is recognized to be one of the most popular Keyboards which can be availed at the reduced cut off from the pocket. The keyboard comes with 7 colorful backlight options. Users have the option of switching between 7 backlight options as well as the mixed color code. This can be a wonderful purchase for people who are willing to try RGB keyboards prior to buying one which can be customized. The colors displayed by this keyboard are inclusive of emerald, vivid magenta, blossom orange, candy pink, cobalt blue, crimson red. The set up is known to be simple – it comprises of USB plug along with play connectivity. The PRISM comes with 20 million keystroke lifespan which supports Windows 7, 8, vista and XP. The keyboard has a warranty of one year.

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SADES K10S Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

SADES K10S Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is another worth mentioning name in the list of best RGB mechanical keyboards. The SADES K10S does not comprise of customizable RGB backlighting. It offers amazing features for the price range. Apart from being mechanical, it possesses 104 keys with an n-key roller that is beneficial in the prevention of ghosting and  9 preset LED RGB backlighting options. It comprises of Kalih blue switches which are used for responsive feedback with each of the key press. The other additions are inclusive of 5 additional macro keys, 7 multimedia keys, and 19 nonconflict keys.

The keys happen to be individually backlit. It is possible to adjust them with ease. It is possible to disable the windows keys for the prevention of accidental key presses at the time of high active gaming. This ergonomic keyboard comes with amazing features. The testing was done for 50 million keystrokes which ensure highly durable use.

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Rosewill RGB80 LED Illuminated Gaming Keyboard

The Rosewill RGB80 comes with100% blue mechanical key switches which provide tactile feedback along with the audible click. It comprises of 6 customizable LED backlight modes which are inclusive of 1 for the purpose of breathing and 5 for brightness. It also comprises of 16.8 million LED color options. This keyboard is recognized to be one of the best RGB mechanical keyboards.

The 87 keys are known to feature multimedia keys for the adjustment of volume as well as media playback straight from the keyboard. The keyboard comprises of key puller and 10 transparent game keys for the purpose of easy cleaning. This keyboard can be purchased without burning a hole in your pocket. The keyboard comes with amazing features for people who are looking for highly durable RGB lighting preset keyboard.

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Redragon K552-RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

The Redragon K552-RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard stands second to none in the catalog of best RGB mechanical keyboards. The keyboard is known to feature custom mechanical switches which are similar to Cherry MX green switches. The keys possess audible click, tactile feedback, and medium resistance. The adjustable lighting of RGB LED comes with 6 preset backlighting effects. Each key cap happens to be a double shot injection which is molded for the purpose of clear backlighting.

The keyboard is comprised of ABS and aluminum. The keyboard comes with 12 multimedia keys and 87 standard keys which allow media playback and volume control from the keyboard directly. You can avail a windows key lockout option with the objective of uninterrupted high active gameplay. This keyboard can be availed without your exclusive budget. This keyboard is compatible with windows XP, vista, 7, 8 and 10.

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HAVIT HV-KB389L RGB Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

This HAVIT HV-KB389L RGB Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard has been rated as the best RGB mechanical keyboards. This is a mechanical gaming keyboard which features 104 keys along with anti-ghosting and Kailh brown key switches. The dual color injection molding key caps happen to be curved and possess individual backlighting. There are multiple RGB backlit modes which can be adjusted and are inclusive of 4 unique interaction modes. These modes are inclusive of 1-click zone lighting mode, ripple backlit lighting mode, 1-click lighting mode as well as the response of typing speed lighting mode. The additional modes are inclusive of side backlit, 7-color breathing mode, scanning backlit left to right and always backlit on. Hence though it does not allow customization, it comes with various exciting backlight modes. This keyboard comes with easy access multimedia keys which are helpful for the adjustment of media playback and volume from the keyboard directly.

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