10 Best Offline Shooting Games For Android In 2018

    Ok, let’s accept it Of all the games, Shooting Games will always remain our favorites. You always require that extra skills, tactics and decision-making capabilities when compared to a regular board game or more popular running games. But the downside is that these games are graphics intensive, heavy and most importantly they need uninterrupted access to the internet. So, If you’re really into bullets, bombs, explosions, war scenes etc and really do not want to unnecessarily spend data, here is a list of best shooting games for Android.

    Best Offline Shooting Games for Android

    Cover Fire

    Coverfire in undoubtedly one of the best offline games for Android. It has very high-quality graphics and is a very intense offline game. If you’re one of those who love bullets flying all around and love picking up deadly weaponry than Coverfire is the best offline game for you. With the console standard HD graphics, buttery smooth performance, Cover Fire will keep you engrossed for sure.

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    N.O.V.A: 3 Freedom Edition

    NOVA shooting games are one of the most successful ones on any platform. N.O.V.A 3 comes with a simple yet intriguing gameplay. If you want to play a multiplayer game then you need to be online, however, single player or story mode works offline like a charm. Easily one of the must-have offline shooting game for Android.

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    Lonewolf is strictly advice for players above 18 years of age. It is a very intense game and one of the best Sniper games on PlayStore. The game keeps you engrossed and also is quite challenging.

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    Hitman: Sniper

    As a sniper, you are supposed to be in an incognito mode. Unlike other games, this one does not have an all guns blazing gameplay instead you need to take out your targets without getting noticed. With multiple mission and loads of ammunition upgrades, this is a really good offline shooting game for your Android phone. However, it is chargeable and you just need to pay once or you can pay for upgrades that you opt for.

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    Overkill 3

    Overkill 3 is one of the better offline shooter games for Android where the intensity of the gameplay increases as you go higher up the levels. The graphics of this game are simply stunning and you will enjoy the fights with the “BOSS” the most.

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    Shadowgun is another shooter game that has console grade graphics and gameplay. You play a bounty hunters role and are supposed to finish your targets and collect bounties. With amazing controls, storyline and loads of shooting you won’t be disappointed to have paid a small amount for this offline shooting game for your Android smartphone.

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    Space Marshals

    One of the simplest yet a nice Shooter game for mobile, Space Marshals, puts you in the shoes of specialist Burton in his hunt for dangerous fugitives after a prison break. With ultra-smooth graphics and an easy to get used to controls, this game should be on your list of must-haves.

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    Dead Effect 2

    Dead Effect was one of the first few good shooter games on Android. If you like horror-themed, Zombie shooting games then look no further than Dead Effect 2. The game comes with a good storyline, amazing graphics, easy controls and an intensive gameplay. Even if killing the dead is not your taste, still to give a try to one of the best offline shooting game for Android and its free too 🙂

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    Dear Hunter Classic

    The name itself is self-explanatory. Here you’re not killing humans or already dead rather hunting animals. You will be able to hunt 100s of species of animals and can participate in challenges on Google play games. Its a fun offline shooter game with easy controls and gameplay, which you can enjoy while traveling or otherwise. It does have an advanced version, however, you need data connectivity to play that.

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    Another game that takes you on a Zombie killing spree. Although there are a lot of games that are designed to kill the already dead but Unkilled is one of the best shooter games for mobiles. It comes with multiple playing modes and each needs a different set of weapons. You must upgrade your weapon to kill the more powerful zombies. Download this if you want a game that helps you kill time and lot of zombies.

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    The Best Offline Shooters You Can Play on Android

    These games come really handy when you are traveling or have no access to the internet. These are few of the best offline shooting games that you can play. And in case we have missed your favorite shooting game, do mention them in the comments below, we will try to include them as well.

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