Best Mechanical Keyboards For Mac – 2018


Like any other Apple products, Mac is one of the most popular devices in its segment. As a professional, most of us spend hours on our Mac’s. It is really difficult to use such a thin keyboard for long hours as it may cause physical discomfort.

Before we actually run down the list of best mechanical keyboards for your Mac, let us first try to understand the difference between a Mechanical Vs. Membrane Keyboard.

Why should you buy a Mechanical Keyboard for Mac?


Mechanical keyboards come with full individual switches under each key. These switches determine when the user has pushed a key. Ideally, when you press a key, you’d press its switch down which in turn sends a signal to your computer that you’ve pressed the specific key.

The highlight of a mechanical keyboard is not only it’s solid, tactile sensation while you’re typing but also the satisfying sound that it generates each time you press a key.

Since you do not need to press the keys very hard, your typing speed will also increase.

PROS of Mechanical Keyboards

  • Satisfying Sound While Typing
  • Durable
  • Feel better to type on
  • Easier to use
  • Faster Performance
  • Precise
  • Cleaning
  • Key Rollover

Cons of Mechanical Keyboards

  • Costly
  • Noisy (depends from person to person)

These days most of the keyboards come with three plastic membranes. Under each key, you’d find rubber dome shaped switches. When we press a key, the rubber switch creates a circuit, by pushing through a hole in the middle membrane to connect the top and bottom membranes. When the circuit is created, the keyboard sends an input signal to the computer.

Microsoft’s Applied Sciences explains: “Most keyboards are made of a stack of plastic sheets printed with silver ink in a grid of column and row wires, initially unconnected, underneath the keys. A key press can then be detected as a connection made between a particular pair of column and row wires from the pressure of the key above it.”

PROS of Plastic Membrane Keyboards

  • Noiseless
  • Waterproof/Spill Proof
  • Compact Keys
  • Economical

Cons of Plastic Membrane Keyboards

  • Key Rollover Missing
  • Typing sensation missing
  • Lifespan
  • Cleaning
  • Costly

For more reading, this Wikipedia article has a great rundown of the history of computer keyboards.

So, If you’re a power user and have shelled out more than a few hundred dollars on a nice and classy Mac. then you should switch to or buy the best mechanical keyboard for your Mac that would make day to day computing more enjoyable.

Here are a few Best Mechanical Keyboards For Mac:


Das Keyboard 4

Das Keyboard 4 is the best mechanical keyboard for Mac. If you love the perfect sensation while typing or are a fan of that “perfect audible keystroke” sound then this is the keyboard you need to pick.

Das Keyboard has been in the business for a long time, this has given them enough time and experience to come up with really sleek looking, highly functional keyboards.

The professional keyboard is the latest version of DAS Keyboard and it has an option for you to choose between Cherry MX Blue for the clicky sound or a Cherry MX Brown if you prefer a soft tactile sound.

Apart from the full-sized keyboard you also get dedicated media controls and an oversized volume rocker. It comes with a complete number pad along with two USB 3.0 ports to charge your device and keep them nearby as well.

This slick, black mechanical keyboard is a perfect mechanical keyboard for Mac only if you do not miss the backlight!

Get Das Keyboard 4 from Amazon

Nixeus Moda Pro

Nixeus Moda Pro is a heavy duty keyboard which comes with a steel plate reinforced aluminum chassis. No more questions about its durability anymore aren’t it?

It comes with white key caps which are easy to pop off and replace. You also get an option to choose between Clicky Blue, Smooth Red or a Soft Brown switch as per your preference.

This keyboard comes with replaceable Mac keys so that you can customize it according to your day to day usage and it is rated up to 50 Million keystrokes for durability so that you can fix it and forget it.

Nixeus Moda Pro easily tops any list of the best mechanical keyboard for Mac.

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Get Nixeus Moda Pro from Amazon


Matias Quiet Pro

Matias is a synonym of the best mechanical keyboard. When you’re talking about the best mechanical keyboards for Mac, the Matias Quiet Pro is definitely going to get featured. It is a “quieter” one of the mechanical keyboards. It features an ergonomic curved design which makes extended usage very comfortable.

It has dedicated keys to control screen brightness, volume up/down, iTunes etc. The keys are laser etched hence you do not have to worry about them fading anytime soon.

Matias Quiet pro comes with two USB ports that let you charge your mobile devices simultaneously. As the name suggests this mechanical keyboard for Mac is a quieter one but it does not mean that you would not get the same satisfying clicky feedback while you type.

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Azio Mk Mac

Azio MK Mac has dedicated Mac buttons and comes with a sleek aluminum faceplate that offers resting space for your hand while you type. It has a barrel roller with a grippy surface that allows for comfortable/quick/convenient volume control.

The overall color scheme matches that of your Mac and the best part here is that the Keys on Azio Mk Mac are backlit. It is a sturdy keyboard that carries nice weight around it.

The way this keyboard blends with the design of your Mac, you would say on your own that this is indeed one of the best mechanical Keyboards for Mac.

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Logitech G710 Blue

The Logitech G710 is not just one of the best mechanical keyboards for Mac but it’s also a gamers delight. This mechanical gaming keyboard for Mac comes with 6 programmable G-keys that can be configured up to 18 unique functions per game, including single keypresses, complex macros or intricate LUA scripts.

This keyboard comes with adjustable dual-zone backlighting allowing users adjust the brightness of WASD keys. Its one-touch media keys let you instantly control volume, mute and media playback.

There is also a Cherry MX Brown key variant in case you need a more tactile but less noisy option.

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Lofree is a pretty unique keyboard for MAC. Its a mechanical keybaord which is inspired by a Typewriter…yes you read it right. It is a very unique and beautiful looking keyboard is a wireless mechanical keyboard and is also compatible with not only iOS, Android, and even a PC if you have one.

It is available in three different colors Pure White, Turquoise Blue and Sandstone Black and two different finishes matte and glossy. The keys on Lofree keyboards are backlit and does make some noise while working on it. Well keyboards did make some noise, didnt they ?

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SteelSeries M800 Mechanical Keyboard

The SteelSeries M800 Mechanical Keyboard is a perfect gmaing keyboard for Mac. It gives you a perfect mix with mac sepcific keys with RGB mechanical keyboard for Mac. The keyboard comes with a software that lets you remap keys easily on your Mac.

The highlight of this keyboard is that it lets users feel home just like a standard Mac keyboard with a flat, low profile design and the fact that M800 is “Worlds fastest keyboard”  is no mean feat.

Get SteelSeries M800 from Amazon

Which one are you?

Have you already got one of these mechanical keyboards for Mac? Or do you have any other one that should be a part of this list? Let us know in the comment section below.








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