Google Pixel, the device that has replaced the Nexus line of smartphones, is currently the only device in the market that has the purest form of Android. The smartphone has best of hardware encased in the sleekest design that is very comfortable to hold yet is very stylish. However, this class and style come at a price and Google Pixel does carry a premium price tag. Though Pixel has a toughened glass at the back, but that too can get scratched. So you need to protect the most stylish android phone and here we have the best Google Pixel cases that will keep your phone intact, scratch free and without compromising on style:



Very attractive, extremely stylish. The Incipio Carnaby Case for Pixel is a unique case that comes with fabric finish and adds a lot o charm to the lovely Pixel. under the soft cotton, this has a hard shell to protect the phone along with TPU button coverage. It comes in black, gray, or olive color variations. Currently, this cover is available only in the US and can be bought from Incipio’s site and is priced at $34.99

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photos live case


Although these look like a regular case but these are from Google and the highlight here is that you can customize the Pixel case. You can specify the exact design and colors as per your choice.

You have three options Artworks, Photos i.e. your own images and Places i.e Your favorite Google map locations. Apart from getting the case, you get a live wallpaper for your phone as well.

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LK Ultra case for Google Pixel


A clear case may be best for people who do not like fancy or colorful cases may prefer this. This is a fairly thin case and has exact openings for camera, charging port, fingerprint sensors etc. This cover does not provide protection as the hard cases would do but just gets the job done.

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Spigen is a trusted brand when it comes to cases and covers for mobiles. You can be assured that if you’re using a Spigen case your phone would not suffer those dents and scratches. This protection, however, comes at a price too.

This cover not only protects the phone’s back and sides but with the slightly raised design, it gives optimum protection to the screen too. Like the original Google design, this Pixel Case also follows the dual pattern design.

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A budget yet a simple TPU case that does provide security to your Pixel and is not too costly as well. FOSMON Dura-T is one of the numerous cases in the market that despite being cheap provides you phone ample protection. You definetly cannot go much wrong with a $7.99 case.

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If you like clear cases, then this clear Pixel case by Google should be on top of your list. This case lets you flaunt Pixel’s design and you can easily show off the half glass back of the phone.This case is slightly cheaper than the other Google cases and may not offer the same level of protection, though.

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These are my recommended best Google Pixel cases and covers and let us know about your choice in the comments section below. Whichever case you choose it should be durable and strong enough to protect your device from scratches and damages.

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