Gone are the days when Smartphone camera’s produced very noisy and shabby images. Although we can’t term the image quality equivalent to a DSLR but they are definitely a lot better than a lot of point and shoot cameras in the market. However, with due course of time, even the technology behind the smartphone camera’s have reached its pinnacle and there wasn’t scope for improvement. So, brands, in order to achieve something really innovative, had to think out of the box. The result thus could be seen with the influx of Dual Camera Phones.

Apple yesterday launched iPhone 7 Plus that came with this Dual Camera setup with one normal camera while the other one is a telephoto lens that gives 2X optical Zoom. This indeed is a nice feature.The problem however with Apple is that iPhones are way too costly and are out of a normal individual’s reach. So, are a camera buff and love clicking beautiful images but do not want to carry a bulky DSLR or want a cheaper dual camera phone than iPhone?  we have got a list of

Do not worry we have got a list of best dual camera phones that checks all the requirements and lets you click awesome images.

Best Dual Camera Phones

LG G5 Camera


LG G5 was the first modular phone and that sounded a bit gimmicky to a few. However, another highlight of the phone was its dual camera system. It came with an 8-megapixel wide-angle camera alongside the main 16-megapixel camera, making it easier to shoot a bigger group, landscape, or architecture shots. This camera setup helps the phone to capture a wider field of view.

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The 16-megapixel camera has a 78-degree angle field of view while the secondary 8-megapixel camera has a 135-degree ultra-wide angle FOV — the widest on any smartphone camera — which is what makes it such a killer feature.

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LG G5 is very innovative and interesting device with a lot of unique features and “Friends”. It is a top notch device and one of the best phones in terms of performance and camera, the recent times.

It is priced at $499.00 on Amazon and is a top flagship device that is still priced much lesser than the iPhone 7 Plus

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huawei p9 comes with dual camera


Right from the launch Huawei P9 has been in the news all for the right reasons, though. It’s a beautifully designed and one of the thinnest smartphones available in the market. Despite it being thin it houses a 3000 mAH battery and a dual-camera assembly. A combination of one monochrome and one color sensor captures three times the light of an ordinary camera, resulting in much better sharpness and clarity. The P9 can export images in RAW format as well as high-quality JPEGS.

The Depth of field focus allows you to separate the subject from the background while the subject remains pinpoint sharp and the background gets blurred creating a “Bokeh” effect. Another highlight of the device is its low light photography. This part comes from Leica which is known for monochrome photography.

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Apart from the Leica certified camera’s the phone comes with a 5.2″ 1080p display, 3GB RAM,3 2/64GB internal storage, 3000 mAh battery, USB Type-C port, a Nano SIM and microSD card slot that allows you to expand storage up to 128GB.

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There are few other devices like LG V20, Xiaomi Redmi Pro, however, these have just been released or yet top be released, Hence not mentioned here. Out of the 2, it is the Huawei P9 that excites more purely because of its spectacular camera performance.  We can easily say that this is the best camera phone available right now and you an easily pick this one up if you’re not willing to spend $300 more on an iPhone 7 Plus.


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