Best Battery saving apps for Android and iPhones

These days people are only worried about the amount of battery left in their smartphones. Ask anybody for their smartphone and the first thing that comes to their mind is to check whether the phone has enough battery left or not. Even while going to bed, putting your phone in charging mode, is the most important ritual we need to perform without fail. Isn’t it ?

To overcome this issue a lot of brands have now started focusing on the battery on the phone. They are not just adding mAh’s but a lot of effort is being put in to ensure that the battery lasts long or charges up in a jiffy. For the rest, we are helping you with a list of battery saving apps for iOS and Android that can help you get the most out of smartphones battery.


One of the best battery saving app Greenify puts your phone in a hibernation stage to ensure that you get maximum juice out of your battery. Its battery saving benefits can currently be reaped without having root access to your phone. Greenify lets you decide which apps can access data or system resources hence giving full control of system resources, bandwidth or background processes. Unfortunately, it’s only available for Android so iPhone users can’t Greenify their apps at the moment.

Battery Optimiser and Cleaner

It’s really difficult to trust apps that claim to manage your system resources, however, if the app is created by the Intel team, you know for sure that it won’t harm your device and also will give you the desired results. As the name suggests, Battery Optimiser and Cleaner is a lightweight battery saver and system cleaner app. Battery Optimizer is designed to extend battery life, speed up your device, clean junk (unnecessary files and cache) and monitor your mobile data usage. In case you are comfortable, you can dig deeper into the processes and take a control over what your phone is doing.

Battery Doctor (iOS, Android)

Battery Doctor is a free utility that offers 1-tap optimisation feature that stops power-consuming apps with a single tap. You can even set individual power saving profiles, so you can set your device to go on flight mode while you’re asleep or in class, for example. You can also quickly toggle power-draining processes. The best part is that it is available on iOS and Android both.


This is a very smart battery optimisation app. It does a lot of analysis of your daily usage patterns, battery hungry applications on your smartphone. It then sends this data to its server and after observing your usage pattern for about a week or so, it generates personalised reports for you. It gives you tips on how to improve battery life, a list of the more power hungry apps, and a comparative energy efficiency scores relative to similar users.

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Most of these apps are Android-centric given the nature of the OS and the ecosystem. No matter if you’re carrying an iPhone, Android or any other device we strongly suggest you to download these apps and also keep a spare power bank handy, just for the same of emergency.

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