Till some time back a Corporate employee who kept checking their emails was a normal sight. These days, however, you can easily spot people peeping into their phones just to check how many times their social media post was reshared or how many likes the last image they posted, got.

Katina Michael, A professor in Wollongong University, who specializes in online addiction, says: “This App truly excites me. I have been working on the social implications of technology space for 20 years, and this is the first of its kind.

“It exists to help people be mindful of their phone usage, and hopefully it will encourage people to reflect on their personal goals and patterns of interaction with others in their natural surrounds.

“If Fitbit’s are the answer to improving our physical health, AntiSocial is the App for our mental health!”

As we rely more and more on our smartphones to the point of addiction, a Melbourne-based software development company has launched an App to help us track our behavior.

AntiSocial has been developed to monitor smartphone usage including social media Apps such as Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram as well as emails and gaming so users can benchmark their behaviour against peers.


Users will be able to see which Apps they spend the most amount of time on, at what times of day and cross reference their usage stats with others in their age range, state, and even occupation.

Chris Eade, Managing Director of parent company Bugbean, said: “Although other social monitoring Apps exist, AntiSocial is the first to use technology to pinpoint individual Apps and produce accurate reports as well as enabling users to check if they are higher or lower than someone of a similar demographic.


“The aim of App is to help us understand what normal is when it comes to how much time we truly spend on our phones. There is so much noise in the media about this issue, but most of the data is anecdotal without any real data. Our data will solve this problem.

“We are encouraging Android users to download the App for at least two weeks, so they get an accurate reading of their habits. Initial trials have shown that once it’s downloaded, people tend to change their behavior for the first few days but once the App is forgotten about the true data comes to life.

“AntiSocial does not track time of inactive Apps so if you come out of Facebook Messenger, for instance, that time will stop being tracked. None of the data captured will be used unethically, and our Privacy Policy ensures that we can’t read into sensitive information about individuals.”

The app can be downloaded on Android phones from Play Store and due to iOS restrictions, AntiSocial is only available to Android users. There will be a Paired version of the App released soon where parents, for example, can install the App on their child’s phone and be able to block social media remotely.




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