Ambrane P1511 Power Bank Review : It is that good ?

Ambrane Powerbank P 1511 Review

Even if you’re a frequent traveller or not but if you carry a smartphone with you, you will have to carry one more device with you that is a power bank. The amount of data and information we carry in our handheld devices, we cannot afford them to be switched off even for a minute.

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It is always good to carry an extra source of juice for your portable devices. To solve this problem, meet Ambrane P-1511 Power bank. It not just provides you juice but enough of it to charge it over multiple cycles due to its huge capacity of 15,600 mAh and is definitely a heavy duty performer. It can be bought from for Rs. 1399

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Design and Build:

This power bank comes with 1 small flat type charging cable that can be used to charge your device or the power bank itself. The power bank has a faux leather finished design, however, is made out of plastic. The curved design helps in a firm grip despite being on the heavier side. It comes in 2 colours Gold and Black and the stitch effect around and faux leather finish gives it a slightly premium look. The power bank itself weighs around weights 315 gram and it feels heavier due to the large capacity as well.

On the top, it has 2 output ports of 2.1V and 1.5V each to charge your devices. The 2.5v port helps you charge your devices faster. There is a LED light in between the two USB out ports, in case you need a torch at night or in an emergency. On the front, there are 4 small blue coloured LED lights to indicate the amount of juice left in the power bank.  One the back, it just has specifications listed out.

Charging ports and LED on Ambrane P 15111 Power Bank


The Power bank can charge 2 devices at the same time. To charge any of the devices, you just connect them to the power bank using the Power cord. Unfortunately, you only get one power cord bundled in. The power bank will automatically detect the device and automatically turns On/Off when the devices are plugged/unplugged.

It comes with an auto-reset mechanism along with protection from short circuit and over voltage. This power bank monitors output current and shuts off the current flow when the maximum limit is reached, which is really helpful.

In our tests, we could find the power bank could charge a Lenovo A 6000+ ( battery capacity 2600mAH) roughly around 5.5 times in a single charge and Asus ZenFone Max around a little bit more than 2.5 times. It could easily charge our iPhone 6S Plus 5 times which meant it can easily give more than 85% of the charge of the total capacity which is really decent.

The Ambrane P-1511 itself took around 10 hours to fully charge this power bank and considering its capacity it was worth the wait.

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Specifications of Ambrane P1511

Connectors USB
Brand Ambrane
Designed For Mobile Phone, Tablets
Color Black, Gold
Battery Capacity 16,500 mAh
Model Name Ambrane P-1511
Output Power 2.1 V, 1.5V
Build Plastic with Faux leather finish
Battery Type Li-Ion

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[rehub_affbtn btn_text=”Buy Ambrane Power Bank” btn_url=”” btn_price=”Rs. 1,399″ button_from_review=”1″]


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