5 gopro alternatives

Rarely has been a case when a product becomes so successful that the entire product line is known by that name itself. Sony’s Walkman became a synonym of a portable audio cassette player. At some time all the mp3 players were called iPod’s or all the camera’s capable of printing a photograph instantly were called Polaroid cameras. GoPro action cameras have also somewhat tasted the same level of success.

In its segment of Action camera, GoPro’s lead by some margin. In fact, GoPro to some extent has been the reason behind creating a new trend of action camera and have solely enjoyed the success. Yet people are looking for a GoPro alternatives not because of any issue with quality but because of its affordability.

However, now a host of rival technology companies are coming out with their own Action camera’s with new features and most importantly at much lower price. Let us have a look at 5 Best GoPro Alternatives :

YI 4K Action