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Rarely has been a case when a product becomes so successful that the entire product line is known by that name itself. Sony’s Walkman became a synonym of a portable audio cassette player. At some time all the mp3 players were called iPod’s or all the camera’s capable of printing a photograph instantly were called Polaroid cameras. GoPro action cameras have also somewhat tasted the same level of success.

In its segment of Action camera, GoPro’s lead by some margin. In fact, GoPro to some extent has been the reason behind creating a new trend of action camera and have solely enjoyed the success. Yet people are looking for a GoPro alternatives not because of any issue with quality but because of its affordability.

However, now a host of rival technology companies are coming out with their own Action camera’s with new features and most importantly at much lower price. Let us have a look at 5 Best GoPro Alternatives :

YI 4K Action

1. Yi 4K Action Camera

  • Weight: 74g
  • Video: 4K HD
  • Slo-mo: Yes, at 1080p HD
  • Viewing angle: 155 degrees
  • Storage: up to 64GB
  • Screen: 2.19-inch
  • Price: US$249

This is the first product that comes to our mind when we are looking for GoPro alternatives. The reason behind this is obvious as this brand is backed by Xiaomi. We can see the Xiaomi’s impact here in terms of design and pricing. Yi 4K action camera costs less than $250 while it’s close to the GoPro Hero4 Black in terms of specs.

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It comes with a much larger 1,400 mAh battery which allows the Yi 4K to shoot 120 minutes of video in 4K. It comes with a bright and large 2.19″ touchscreen on the back. In fact the screen on YTi 4k action camera is larger than on most action cams. Also it comes in 3 colors rose gold, white, or black.

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2. HTC Re

  • Weight: 66g
  • Video: 1080p HD
  • Slo-mo: Yes, at 720p HD
  • Viewing angle: 146 degrees
  • Storage: Up to 128GB
  • Screen: no
  • Price: US$100

HTC has been known to create great looking phones but RE is totally unique. It comes in vibrant colours white, orange, blue, or turquoise. The choice of colors, I guess, is to the target young buyers hence the dull colors have been kept aside. It has a unique design among all the action cameras. It is shaped like a periscope, RE is great in terms of portability and is perfectly shaped to be gripped with one hand.

One of the downsides of such a design is that Re does not have a screen. However, you can use your smartphone as a screen and operate the camera. HTC Re was launched around $200 but is now available around $100 or even lesser after it saw a price cut.

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Sony HDR-AS50

3. Sony HDR-AS50

  • Weight: 83g
  • Video: 1080p HD
  • Slo-mo: Yes, at 1080p HD
  • Viewing angle: 170 degrees
  • Storage: Up to 64GB
  • Screen: no
  • Price: US$200

Another different looking action camera. Sony SteadyShot HDR-AS50 comes with Image stabilisation. Thi camera does not have 4K video recording capabilities. It comes with a waterproof housing free however, one has to buy a live view remote separately.

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SJCam SJ5000

5. SJCam SJ5000

  • Weight: 74g
  • Video: 1080p HD
  • Slo-mo: Yes, at 480p SD
  • Viewing angle: 170 degrees
  • Storage: Up to 32GB
  • Screen: 2-inch
  • Price: US$110

Long before Yi camera came into existence, SJCam used to serve the purpose. These seem to be just doing the job are are an option in case you want to buy an action camera that comes with the entire set of accessories i.e. a waterproof housing, handlebar mount, frame mount, tripod adapter, and quite a lot more.

Polaroid XS100 HD

5. Polaroid XS100 HD

  • Weight: 136g
  • Video: 1080p HD
  • Slo-mo: Yes, at 720p HD
  • Viewing angle: 170 degrees
  • Storage: Up to 32GB
  • Screen: no
  • Price: US$129

Well, we did mention Polaroid at the start of the article and nice to see that they’ve evolved and have come out with this beautiful looking HD action camera.  Because of it’s shape, it comes with auto-rotate feature so you would not have to wonder which way up to hold it. It has a quirky design and a decent performance.

In the end…

Well, these were a few GoPro alternatives in 2016 we will keep updating more in case they are decent performers. Overall Yi 4K camera offers the best value for money and one of the best cheap GoPro alternatives. Do let us know if you’re already using any action camera from the list above or if you’re planning to buy one, in the comment section below.

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