30% of your mobile data pack goes waste, here is how !!


How many time have you complained that the data pack limit has exhausted rather quickly than you anticipated or as per your calculation you haven’t consumed the amount of data that your service provider tells you ? Well, in most cases the answer is yes, and the culprit or the main reason behind this is background data functionality in modern smartphones. These days most of the smartphones allows third party apps and your phones system eat up a lot of mobile data in background.

Background data is any data being used by your app when you’re not actively using it or when the phone screen is off. According to a latest study by Opera 30% of all data is used by apps running in the background. These apps can be a news app which constantly syncing content and fetching ads and  eating up your data.


Major culprit apps that eat up your 70% of background data are Facebook Messenger and Gmail app, while Google Drive, Whatsapp, and Google Hangouts eat upto 57%,54% and 39% of background data, respectively.

Most apps are made to give a great user experience, not to save data. If you fetch background data through your data plan, it’s like throwing away $1 out of every $3 you spend on your mobile data plan.

The reason why most of these apps syncs data in background it to enhance the user experience however in this process a lot of mobile data is lost in pre-fetching ads and latest articles.


Best solution to save such data loss is to use Data manager apps like My data Manager or Opera Max that will help you take control of your mobile data usage and save money from being wasted. Interestingly Opera Max has introduced Smart Alerts feature that  gives you the choice to block background data usage and Instead of having to hunt down which apps are the data hogs, you will get automatic smart notifications about which apps are devouring background data.


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