3 Simple Ways To Protect Your iPhone


Your iPhone is more than just a phone. People who’ve been using an iPhone will agree to the fact that “If it’s not an iPhone, it’s not an iPhone”. Owning it is more like a status symbol and requires thorough care & maintenance. The current generation iPhones have breached Rs.100,000 mark and it would feel terrible to have such a costly device repaired regularly because not only it carries all your important data, images etc. but also repair costs of Apple iPhones are very, very high.

What if your Apple device drops and shatters because of your careless mistake or while your child was playing games on it? How would you feel when you get to know that Apple charges almost Rs. 20,000 for a screen replacement of iPhone X?

While the thought of paying such a high amount just for repairing the display can give Goosebumps and sleepless nights. It is always advised to use the best Apple Accessories to ensure that your phone is well protected.

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Cover your iPhone!

Whenever you buy a phone, the first thing you should remember is to cover it up. iPhone cases and protection are like next most important thing after an iPhone no matter its new or old. Cases and covers not only protect your phone but also adds to the beauty of the device.

Remember, iPhones are beautiful yet delicate devices and to keep them secure you will need a high-quality case. There are a vast variety of cases available in the market like, rugged iPhone case, printed or fancy cases, or even slim yet sturdy cases that add protection to the phone. Just remember that you should pick the one that is not just for the looks but offers protection too.

Adding a quality iPhone screen protector or a tempered glass is also highly advisable. A high-quality screen protector will absorb maximum damage in case of an unfortunate drop. While it may just cost a fraction but can save you hundreds.

Charge it properly!

Cell phone chargers and cables are bound to wear and tear. The charging cables of iPhones are no exception to this. With continuous usage, the lightning cable is prone to damage near the connecting ports.

Always use authorized Apple adapters and cables because getting a cheap charger or a cable may not charge your phone properly and data transfer speed may also be very low. Unauthorised cables and adapter may damage the phone and its battery, in the long run, Apple also would not consider warranty in case you are using a local charger and cable for the iPhone.

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Get insured!

There are a lot of companies that offer insurance on iPhones at a small annual fee. This insurance can cover up not only in case of damage but also in case of theft. Insurance plans are slightly costlier than a case or a tempered glass screen cover, but they keep you at peace. Maple is one of the Apple Premium Reseller who sells its Shield insurance program which has over 95% approval ratio.

It is now up to us to decide what kind of a damage are we ok with? A broken display, a lost phone or a small amount of a charge paid for insurance and authorized apple accessories. Thoughts?


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