10 Must Have Apps On Any Phone

10 Must Have Apps On Any Phone

The world is shifting to smaller screens, from a desktop to a laptop to palmtops and now the mobile screens; one can possibly do anything and everything on mobile right from ordering food on Zomato to chatting with family on Whatsapp to connecting with friends on facebook. And the list is endless.

There are few apps that are a must in every tech savvy’s mobile that covers their daily dose of infotainment.

Here’s a list of 10 must have apps for all the activities one does in course of a day.

HOTSTARHotstar app

Watching movies, TV shows on TV is the thing of the past, this generation likes to play it cool with apps like Hotstar, where movies can be saved and watched while on the go.

Hotstar is a digital and mobile entertainment platform. You can watch all the TV shows and movies on Hotstar anytime.

Crazy work schedules usually make you miss your favorite shows and movies, but if you have Hotstar on your mobile you won’t complain as this app allows you to catch up on all your favorite shows at your convenience!

Download Hotstar from:  Google Play Store | Apple iTunes


paytmWho wants to worry about hard cash, when we can easily handle mobile money, now that  paying for golgappas is also just a Paytm click away.

Paytm is a mobile recharge & bill payment app. Its user-friendly format helps in making quick mobile or utility bill payments.

Users can also shop online on Paytm. The Paytm Wallet can also be used to pay for shopping online or pay for services such as cab fare and more.

Download Paytm App from:  Google Play Store | Apple iTunes




With work becoming more demanding and on the go, there is a need to stay connected with colleagues and clients 24/7. With Flock, employees can stay connected virtually.

Flock:  #1 team messenger that helps simplifying communication and boosting organizational productivity. Packed with incredibly powerful features and a slick, easy to use interface, Flock is the ideal tool for organizations looking to move to a real-time communication model. Flock takes all your most used apps and services at work and allows you to integrate them into a single platform to make you more efficient with your organizational tasks. Bid adios to lengthy emails and welcome this change.

Download Flock App from:  Google Play Store | Apple iTunes


Pocket appDon’t have the time to read that article you just saw online, and don’t want to take the pain of searching the link again, cling on to Pocket and read that articles, whenever you want.

Pocket This amazing app lets you save articles from any site to read later, online or offline (i.e., underground during your daily back-and-forth to work). Whenever you come across an interesting article you don’t have time to read that minute, click Pocket’s browser extension or head straight to getpocket.com or the Pocket app to add it to your list.

Download Pocket App from:  Google Play Store | Apple iTunes


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