Same Swag App: An Interesting Social Media App

Are you one of those who is very social and always like to be surrounded by friends? If so, you are a lucky human being to have such a wonderful nature. When the technology took over the social life and increased the stress of the bed in the room, only a few selected to be different and live like a human. So, it is not a small thing to be social. This time, we met a social media app called Same Swag that can help you in a different way. Other than showing you some online multiplayer games or some chatting screens, this app put the actions to real-life. It lets you connect with likely minded people directly.

It is a different thought which is actually just like social media that brings people together in real. If you would like to get a coffee together with someone or to enjoy a movie with a friend, this app can help you. So, we’ve decided to write a brief review to help you know better about it. Have a look.

 Same Swag App Review

Same Swag is developed by THINK BOOK INDIA PRIVATE LTD. With only one app under their kitty, they’ve done a commendable job and are getting some good responses from the users. Those who are on the Facebook or other social media platforms will find this helpful to grab some likely minded friends within the nearest locations. So that, they will be able to arrange some party together or have a dinner. Getting friends will be no more difficult using this application.

Users will be able to set their location and update the status. This helps to compare you with others and easily filter out the likely ones whom you can meet later. You can also post pictures and videos on your Swag to make it easier for other people to find you out. Each update will notify others to keep in touch with you. So, the next time you want a companion to share your coffee or to enjoy some Hollywood movies, don’t hesitate to sign up for the Same Swag and start searching your future friend.

Have a doubt on the usage of this application? Or did you think this is not for you? Here are few examples what you can use this app for. If you are planning to start a new business, you could find out a partner. If you want to plan a long journey, you could find out some rocking friends. If you want to explore the forest for your next project, you could find one. And even for a ride or sharing your pizza, you could find some folks. So, this is for everyone without any exception.

Features of the Same Swag

  • A complete solution to create Swags and find likely minds from the comments and messages.
  • Mark your likely Swags as ‘Favourite’ or follow them.
  • Block annoying Swags.
  • Chat feature to communicate with friends.
  • Notifications whenever your Swag updates their status or posts a new stuff.
  • View the list of interested swaggers in their swags.

You can download Same Swag App for iOS and Android.

8 Total Score
Same Swag App: An Interesting Social Media App

Same Swag is a different social media application to bring people to real life actions. Apart from just allowing to chat with strangers from your bed, the app allows you to find the likely ones and be real-life friends forever. We liked the concept of the application. As it is a new app on the play store, the reviews are not much to get the user satisfaction. But we expect the app will be a good choice of the social lovers. If you would like to give a try to the Same Swag, you could do that from the following link. Go and find your Swag!

Easy to Use
  • Unique
  • Uncluttered
  • No Spam
  • Ad-free
  • Less Users
  • Takes a bit of time to get used to
User Rating: 4.45 (1 votes)

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