Reliance Broadband Connection review

    I’ve been an Airtel broadband user in Jaipur since a long time and loved the consistent speed and service however I’ve always been very vocal against their FUP policy. It is pretty annoying that Airtel gives around 5 GB of data at 2Mbps and then the data speed bottlenecks to 512 Kbps at Rs 699 per month. So I decided to check which is the best broadband service in Jaipur.

    Reliance Broadband Review

    The most important reason I switched the service provider was to get unlimited data access. I really did not want to loose my sleep on how much data is left in FUP as all my family members were using the same bandwidth and 512 Mbps speed was giving me a lot of headaches. As there are not too many options available in Jaipur for broadband, hence I opted for Reliance wired broadband.
    Reliance Broadband plans

    I opted for Thunder 699 plan that gives me unlimited 2Mbps data at approx Rs 800 per month . I had opted for a TP-LINK TL-WR841N 300Mbps Wireless N Router from Amazon. Installation is pretty straight forward as the technician would just get a LAN cable in the house. You need to setup the Router on your own and also need to manage a Login page, which would automatically logout every 24 hours.
    Reliance Broadband logion pageReliance Broadband logion page
    The initial tests gave me the promised speed , i.e. way above 2Mbps considering the plan I have opted is 2Mbps only. Here’s the tricky part now, Somehow Reliance Broadband does not like Wifi Routers . It keeps on getting disconnected randomly. Even the Reliance login portal page would not open.  A few frantic calls and I realised that the customer support people and the technician do not want to listen to anything post the point they hear that there is a “router” installed and you’re accessing the internet using that. Quite weird, isn’t it. How are you supposed to access the internet on multiple devices using Reliance Broadband ? Only Reliance can tell !
    reliance broadband speed test result
    YouTube streaming ( and uploading works like a charm), downloading content through torrent or otherwise is pretty smooth. I’ve used YouTube on 3/4 devices at the same time, did not face any buffering issue at all. A 700 MB movie through torrent can be downloaded in approx 40 minutes on a good day.

    I thought changing router may bring good luck so I requested Amazon for a refund and I’m currently using a Netgear WNR614 N300 Wi-Fi Router as I felt there may be some problem with the router as well. Disconnection issue still persists. Infact, you may find same issues being faced by numerous people on various blogs.

    Reliance Broadband error
    Get used to, seeing this screen with Reliance Broadband, often.

    Momentary disconnections are still OK, of late I’ve realised the network is down for constantly for 18/24 hours every alternate day. Calling up Customer care and their seniors, complaining on social media and writing to their leadership team does not work with Reliance. The subordinates blatantly lie in front of their supervisors regarding customer visits. In fact their Appellate is just another customer care and escalation on social media is taken after good 10-15 days.

    Sadly, if Reliance had invested a bit of their cost in customer happiness their story would’ve been different. Their plans are awesome, they have amazing infrastructure, state of the art technology, funding is no issue as well. Its just the intent which is missing from top to bottom.

    My word : Go only in case you have patience with them or there is no other choice of ISP in your area !

    Update: After several complaints and escalations Reliance Communications went ahead and permanently disconnected my Internet connection, without any prior notification and claims that I had requested for cancellation and did not speak to the retention team. While I never got a call from them, just few missed call alerts. They quoted their business policy “If we are unable to speak to a customer, we  permanently disconnect the connection and that cannot be re-instated no matter what”

    My subscriber id is 384723067450. Internet at my home gets disconnected very frequently (like every 45 min to an hour) I…

    Posted by Jitendra Soni on Saturday, February 6, 2016

    Another shock was in store for me when I visited regional head office in Jaipur, I was informed by their Customer service manage Mr. Vishal Sharma, that mince was still ok, in an another case where connections were down snice more than a couple of months, as the Distribution Point was non-functional and customers were not complaining while I was complaining very frequently. On inquiring as to why was the DP was down, he blatantly replied, “Rent and Electricity expenses has not been paid to the house owner for 13 months so he switched off the connection to the DP.” To date reliance has not made any alternate provision of activating the connections that are suffering due to this and also no payments were made to the “culprit”landlord.



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    1. Hl guys ye post main bhut soch smj kr daaal rha hu ye bewakoof bna rhe h 10 din se aaj shai kre gye 24 hr main kre gye bhai 10 din se net bnd h konsi no.1 company h ye jo ek conation shai nhi kr skte ho yr kya service h ye btao n

    2. Within few months of network connection I decided to terminate my service and switch to some other internet service provider.

      I made a to call to customer care about termination of service two months back but did not get any response.

      After that I made several other phone calls still got no response . I finally gave up and decided to drop mails to reliance. I get the same copied mails from them but on action is taken till date.

      Not only this, they keep generating bills and have flooded my inbox with their mails.

      I AM FED UP. I don’t expect them to return my security money back I just want them take their shitty components and cable back.

      Over all experience:WORST .

      • Akashdeep,

        I can understand your frustration. I did not even get a proper response from the Nodal office as well and sending a mail to THE top executives also doesn’t help. Best is to visit the Reliance city head office once and get everything sorted.
        No point in getting overdue bills.

    3. my id is 341589163764, and my name is Raybahadursinh champavat.

      Reliance broadband service is very bed…

      I’m using Reliance Broadband services for my micro business. but, my service is not working since 10th December 2016, nad i’m calling continuously to call centre of reliance at Mumbai for solve my problem.

      Reliance broadband service is very bed…

      when i call there at that time customer service executive told me that “your problem will be solve within 24 hour, our technician visit your house and solve it…”, but nobody come from reliance office(prahaladnager,ahmedabad) to my house, and still my net is not working…

      Reliance broadband service is very bed…

      I’m talking with manager of call centre 4 to 5 on 180030007777 and his name is “mithun nule” & “shekh chand”, even he were not solve my problem. then i tried to call at prahaladnager, ahmedabad office….

      Reliance broadband service is very bed…

      call to technician and also responsible person like “mandip sir” two time a week, i’m calling every week, but nobody solve my problem from there(prahaladnager office)

      At last i fond original problem is , Reliance is not pay rent to our society for setup “DP”, not pay payment to our society chairman..

      this are the following complain number with call center of Reliance broadband service:-
      Complain number – date
      252981238 – 22/12/2016
      252981238 – 21/12/2016
      252950851 – 22/12/2016
      252905572 – 21/12/2016
      253010005 – 23/12/2016
      253048887 – 24/12/2016
      253010005 – 30/12/2016
      253269149 – 31/12/2016
      253327621 – 2/1/2017
      253377854 – 3/1/2017
      253402110 – 5/1/2017
      253377854 – 6/1/2017
      253476246 – 9/1/2017
      253522144 – 10/1/2017
      253542858 – 11/1/2017
      253725350 – 18/1/2017

      Today Is 31st Jan, 2017, but still not solve problem by reliance technical person & commercial person
      If you want evidence or proof call me on 9601490411

    4. Worst connection…customer care people doesnt know anything…they took three months to terminate our connection after the request and made us to pay the bill for three months extra…there will be frequent problems in the connection and it takes about one week to repair…
      Really worst..please dont opt for reliance

      • So very sad to hear your experience Vasanth. Its really difficult to deal with Reliance Customer support. Request you to share this article with your friends and make them aware about the problems you faced!

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