If there’s a brand that comes up with unique marketing tricks, you surely know that’s OnePlus we are talking about. Be it the Invite system or VR launch, OnePlus has always had been one step ahead of the competition.

The VR launch of Oneplus 3 itself had garnered so much attention from Fans and media alike and the phone itself packs impressive hardware and performance. It wasn’t a surprise when we saw fans queuing up around the globe at the pop up stores which just followed the launch. OnePlus had set up these pop-up stores at 7 cities around the globe namely – London, New York, Delhi, Mumbai, Paris, Berlin and Bangalore. Each of these locations had fans queuing up for hours to get their hands on the latest OnePlus 3. Rarely has any device such an attention that too from a very young brand!!

OnePlus 3 Popup event

And if you wonder why’s there so much craze about OnePlus 3, the answer is pretty simple. You get a powerful device that is loaded with latest and top notch hardware, is beautifully designed and is built to definitely lasts for few years at a very affordable price. Wait what ? A smartphone built to last for years??? Don’t believe us watch the video below from a famous YouTuber doing some crazy OnePlus 3 Bend test and durability tests.

Now, if you want to buy OnePlus 3 head on to Amazon to get one its priced at Rs 27,999 or $399 !

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