My Alarm Clock mobile application available on the Google App Store offered by Apalon Apps is a really powerful and intuitive alarm clock for the users. Though there are many such alarm apps available but this one has some really cool features that make it more noticeable and prominent from the others. My Alarm Clock app has a definite quality and ease of use for the users. The app has 1,00,000+ downloads featuring 4.5 stars. It’s undeniably a perfect balance of beauty and functionality!

In this section, I am going to review the paid version of My Alarm Clock app which is really affordable and is available for only Rs. 44 i.e. less than $1. The free version of the app contains advertisements.


My Alarm Clock has a really easy and a friendly user interface. You would definitely fall in love with its glowing and colourful digital clocks. Even though its colourful and radiant, but it still has a soothing effect on the eyes.

You have all the shortcuts available on the main screen for easy access. The bottom left bell option takes you to the Alarm settings. The bottom right circular option takes you to the Sleep Timer settings. Upper right corner has the main Settings option. Upper left corner displays the weather update. In the middle of the screen, you have the current time and day display. The Snooze and alarm Stop options are exhibited on the exact opposites whenever the alarm rings.

The app is absolutely clutter–free with faster performance and would certainly make you want to use it for a longer time.

My Alarm Clock design


Let’s talk about all the remarkable attributes of the My Alarm Clock application one–by–one and in full detail.


You can easily change the screen’s brightness with the in–app Dim feature. Simply slide on the app screen upwards or downwards to adjust the brightness. The decreased intensity would surely not let you go blind after a good night’s sleep.

My Alarm Dim Feature


Enable, Disable or Delete the alarm. You can also add a note along with the alarm so you know what the particular alarm is for. You can also decide on the Snooze Durations. And you can set the alarm on an everyday Repeat or for particular days of the week. But you cannot set the Repeat for any particular dates.

My Alarm Clock Other settings


You wake up to your Favourite Music by choosing from your current playlist or by selecting from the already available sounds. There are only a limited number of sounds in the app which might really want you to choose your own playlist sound for a pleasant experience.

But one thing that’s a little disappointing is that you cannot trim the playlist music if you want to hear only some portion of the track as your alarm. Rest all works fine!


You have available a Fade In a feature for the alarm sounds so you don’t wake up with a blaring loud alarm. There’s a gradual emergence of sound and not a sudden boom throughout your bedroom or meeting room.

My Alarm Clock main alarm settings


As the application collects your location data hence the local and live Weather Information is also available inside the app. You can check the weather info on the left-hand top corner on the app screen and also in the main settings.

So meanwhile you are inside your room thinking of how it is outside but too lazy to get up and walk out, simply check My Alarm Clock. Not only it mentions the temperature (in Celsius or Fahrenheit) but also shows up the wind speed too.


You can enjoy a variety of fantastic and beautiful Clock Themes available in the app. There is a list of Antique, Ultrasonic, Thinline, Wordy and Digital clocks. Antique and Wordy are my favourites. The app developers have creatively designed these clock styles and the efforts really show up.


You can even add a beautiful clock Widget on your Home Screen and check time and next alarm right away. You can even adjust the colours and opacity of the clock and can make many other settings for the widget.

My Alarm Clock Widgets


This feature supports Multiple Alarms setting so you always keep up with your schedule and never miss important events. This I feel is a very basic feature available in any alarm app and is not a new thing.

My Alarm Clock Multi alarm


This is a curious characteristic of the application and needs some emphasis. You can now fall asleep to the relaxing tunes available or to the white noise. The white noise sounds like a classic television noise. Simply set the timer, start the sound, lock your phone and sleep peacefully listening to that music. It can be set for a few minutes or for long hours together.


This function turns your device into a super gorgeous bedside clock enabling a lowered brightness of the screen. An attractive feature, isn’t it?


The alarm rings even if the app isn’t running in the foreground providing full background alarm support.


The clock works perfectly in both the orientations be it Portrait or Landscape. The settings are also available in the app apart from the device settings.

Orientations settings


The built in flashlight feature save you from groping around in the dark. Just double tap on the screen and the flashlight starts. Double tap again and it switches off.

Flash light feature


The application uses precise Location data to deliver consistent weather forecast information. Other than that the app also needs permission for Camera allowing it to use the LED light for the flashlight feature.


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