360 Degree images and videos look really cool. Don’t they ? Ever wanted to make one yourself but don’t want to buy another camera because you already have a few of them lying in your cupboard ? Well, now you can simply convert your iPhone to a camera capable of taking 360 Degree VR videos.

Insta360 by Arashi Vision connects to your iPhone at the lightening port comes with tiny 360 degrees camera enabling iPhone 6/6S and iPhone 6 Plus/6S Plus to take VR photos and videos right through the phone. Basically, 360 degrees camera is a vital key to taking VR video and photos.

The company makes 3 versions of this camera, however, Insta360 Nano has been garnering a lot of attention of late. Let us take a look at Insta360 Nano in detail.

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The Insta360 Nano comes with 210-degree lenses on either side of the camera. It offers 3040 x 1520 resolution still pictures and 3K videos at 3040 x 1520 at 30 fps via its 210-degree dual fisheye lenses. The images and videos can be stored on a microSD card. The camera can support a microSD card of up to 64GB. The camera can be used to stream on Facebook Live and YouTube’s live streaming platform.

Insta360 Nano

The camera once plugged into your iPhone’s Lightning port automatically launches the Insta360 app if already installed. You can view photos and videos stored on the camera’s memory card or within the app on your iPhone, share across social networks, copy content to your camera roll, take photos and videos, and adjust settings for the camera all through the Insta360 app.

The camera comes equipped with an 800 mAh battery. It is priced at $221 on Amazon. The Insta360 Nano competes the Ricoh Theta S ($360), LG 360 Cam ($179) and Samsung Gear 360 ($373).


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