All Apple‘s computers have Macintosh operating systems or Mac OS. The latest version OS X Mac is an advanced version, and it is the second largest to be used by people all around this world. The disk space is a variable factor and you can use the existing disk space or can go for additional disk space by adding them on your Apple computer.

Whenever, you get a pop-up message of disk space is full, you have to take some action to free some disk space to run your OS X Mac with full efficiency. You may ask questions like how to free up space on Mac startup disk, free up disk space in Mac, how to free up space on Mac book air, how to check disk space on Mac and how to see what’s taking up space on Mac.

The below mentioned are some simple to do the task by yourself to free up disk space on your OS X Mac.

Delete Cache Files on Mac

The Mac usually stores some cache files to run fewer programs. In the long period, the cache files may store more than a GB space. It is advisable to delete them frequently to free up your disk space such that your Mac desktop works without the pop-up message of disk space are full. You can use CleanMyMac 3 tools to remove cache files quickly from your Mac system.

Delete Unwanted Files

Your Mac system may have many files saved on the main disk. These files may not be in use or just simply occupy your main disk space. Sometimes, it may occupy space in a gigabyte. Whenever you get a warning message of disk space is full, you can delete those unwanted files. These files may be of documents, pdf files, videos and image files. All the media files will occupy higher storage space, and you can delete as per your wish. After deleting the unwanted files, you must also delete them from trash folder to get permanently the freed up space from deleting those unwanted files.

Delete old Backups

You can free some disk space by deleting the below-mentioned backups on your Mac computer.

  • Delete all those iTunes backup from your system.
  • You can also delete the iOS backup files and free more space.

Delete Temporary Files

The temp files or temporary files are stored on your PC when you use the internet. You can delete them to free up disk space on your OS X Mac. You can use CCleaner for Mac tool to delete temporary files instantly.

Delete Trash Can Regularly

You may delete many unwanted files in any format on your Mac daily. All the deleted files go and sit on your trash can. When they are still in the trash can, it occupies the main disk space on OS X Mac. It will be better to delete the trash can regularly to free some space to improve your Mac performance.

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