Google has just been awarded a patent by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and the company may use this new feature in its upcoming smartphones. If Google decides to implement this it may change the way we interact with our smartphones and will provide Google an hugeadvante over its rival Apple.

The patent filing reads, “It would be advantageous to have an improved touch sensitive surface that offers additional modes of operation.”

This patent alows Google to work on a new surface area one the backĀ  of the device that can be used as a touchpad. Google describes that the touch sensitive area would be housed on a distinctively recessed touchpad. This feature allows a simpler operation of the smartphone as the entire front panel can be available for display.

google patent-1

The touch panel on the back would be able to perform tasks depending on the app the user is using so in case you’re checking out image gallery, you can flick between images or you can control the music settings, zoom in or zoom out of web pages etc.

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One can argue that few of these function can be perfomed using the fingerprint sensor in a lot of devices, however, Google isĀ  looking beyong what is available right now and keeping its options open to tech like a surface acoustic wave touch sensor, infrared grid sensor, resistive touch sensor, optical imaging sensor, and acoustic pulse recognition sensor.

Ofcourse, this wil take its own time to come out in devices or we may never even see this in real life, but if it comes, we can be sure that the Pixel series shopuld be the first ones to get this technology. Ofcourse Google can license their patented concept to OEM partners who are willing to implement this feature. But, we will have to wait and watch.


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