For a first, an Indian mobile company is taking on the superpowers of smartphone Industry. A Bangalore based tech Company called CREO has unveiled first looks of its first flagship smartphone names Mark 1 based on a their proprietary Android based OS. CREO is the same company that is behind Teewe. The company promises to release a new feature every month, highlight of this upcoming phone.

CREO is taking a route which not too Indian many brands have thought of. Not only does it intend to provide regular software updates, which not too many users get to see on their phones’ life cycles, but it is focusing on the software experience.

According to a recent study by Cyber Media Research on the ‘State of Mobile Operating System Adoption In India’, 72% of Android Phone buyers did not get the latest Android OS or its features at the time of purchase in 2015.This report points out how most OEMs take the most easy way out by completely avoiding updates.

Mark 1 New feature every month

This launch, highlights the fact that maximum smartphone do not receive more than 1 software update in their lifecycle and in most cases users are not even aware about the updates, CREO intends to change this by adding a new feature to the phone every month based on user feedback.

At CREO, we’re committed to #MakeBetter Android. And because we want to leave no stone unturned, we’re building both, the Operating System and the smartphone. With our OS we’ll send you relevant updates that shall keep your phone running just as new as the first time you held it. And not just that, we’ll also ship a big new feature with every update.

You shall be our companion on this journey to build a smartphone with a smart OS, that you truly deserve.

There’s no indication as to the specs on offer with the Mark 1, but the video showcases a device with a metallic frame and a glass back. The customized version will run Android 5.1.1 Lollipop, with the 70 member team at CREO focusing on adding features that are not available on any other Android handset. It would be pretty interesting to see what features the Mark 1 brings along ans whether they are able to create a better user experience then other smartphone manufacturers. Meanwhile you can sign up on their site to be notified when they launch.

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